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  1. Do guys mind when girls talk about emotional situations? Do they think about them too, but just don't talk about them as much simply cause they're guys? I hope so. I don't wanna feel like I'm boring him when I talk about problems dealing with our mutual friends/feelings/relationships,etc..you know, all that "girly" stuff that guys don't (stereotypically) wanna talk about. But is this stereotype entirely true? How are guy's minds different in that regard? I'd like to think that when he's listening to me, that he's comprehending and maybe agreeing and not just putting up with hearing me out. Because alot of the time his responses are just um hms and things like that, when I get on those kinds of subjects. Basically unreadable for the most part. So, what do you think about this in general?
  2. I have some friends who are guys. I'm female. We're all in our early 20's. My problem has to do with 2 of them in particular. I am very close to both of them. I'll refer to them as A and B to simplify. lol. Ok...."A", "B", and me all used to be equally close, but lately, "A" has been seeming to want to be with "B" way more then me. Though I don't say anything about it, this makes me kinda jealous. I keep telling myself that they are just bonding as guys and would naturally want to be talking about guy stuff, etc. But then again, this makes me feel left out, which sounds childish I know, but well, that's just how I feel. It's different with "B". He still wants to spend as much time with me as we did before. My problem (my worry) is mostly with "A". So should I just pass it off as guy bonding and not feel bad about it....or not?
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