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  1. Princess1986, I'm nonreligious and i will only lose my virginity to my husfriend or husband.I have high sexual standard for myself as a single woman trying to casual date.I'm not settling for the first man who declare his love for me or feels me up.I believe if a man wants intercourse from me, he can make a commitment to me( legal wedding or commitment ceremony.) We have sooo many virgins falling in love so quickly ,having sex and nobody talking outside of the bedroom. husfriend: a man who is a woman long term boyfriend(example of husband Steadman/Oprah,Kurt Russell/Goldie Hawn
  2. There are alot of celibate people out there and you're not alone.
  3. but....!!!,there are some women who claim they can't live 1 day without sex.
  4. I've approah a man before and let's say this man wasn't use to a woman approachig him.this guy didn't call me so it's important that you approach a confident man.
  5. I agree with g1234567890h and Tiredman .
  6. Elfdrinkingtea, I can relate to your post because double, double checking my grammar is last on my list when writing. My first writing concern is expressing what i have to say to people.I've had people online make nasty comments to me about my grammar and making me feel like i'm dumb. Well, Elfdrinkingtea keep reading grammar books and even let a fellow college student proof read your english essay.You can do it and don't think you can't write an essay paper because of your grammar . I'm in college right now and i had to do an essay and guess what.My teacher was bragging about my essay paper and it had some grammar error so you can do it.
  7. planned parenthood informantion Call 1-800-230-PLAN and get connected to the closest Planned Parenthood health center to you. link removed
  8. right on mermayd!!!(clapping)
  9. ouch!I'm a virgin and i use to only want to date virgin men but not anymore. I realize it's me who holds the key to my sexuality not a man.
  10. Has an online friend ever play matchmaker and introduce you to one of their online/offline friends in their area? I love playing matchmaker myself but i'm wondering is an online blind date good or bad.
  11. I think cyber sex is very funny.
  12. Wow!, lost_status's thread is a light blub moment for some women who give men tooo many dating chances and the advice that annie and Batya33 just gave to lost_status.I think it's time i seriuosly enforce some men laws.I keep giving people chances.
  13. Tiredman, We're both right on this one because you need to test the waters before a commitment and i don't.I know my man not going to alway get an erection after he makes a commitment to me. I have to prepare myself for those occasions or not make a long time commitment to a man period.
  14. Tiredman if both people are open to new experiences in life. A couple not going to hit a major road block in their sex life.Again,i've brought up sexual things to my male friends and most of the men said "no way and i'm a sexual freak"(light bulb).This tells me these man are not open too new experiences but one man told me.QG, i'm not into that sexual practice but i would be willing to try because it would turn you on.This tells me he's open but he also could be turn off after the fact.I hav to keep that in mind if i wnt this man to be my sex partner. People need to listen and comunication with eachother before having sex. Men need to realize stress,medication, being tired and menopause changes a woman sex drive.You need to be creative in the bedroom and not think intercourse is the only way of having sex. You need to find out if your wife is open before marriage and you also need to find out if your wife is still open if one of these things happen to her after you're married(stress,being tired,menopause).
  15. Yup! There are gay virgins out there and I use to talk to a gay male virgin a long time ago.He was looking to lose his virginity to a man.
  16. I 'm not afraid of being contagious by this post because me being prengant.I think the virgin Mary better move over.
  17. I bet like most religious virgins who wait until marriage.The couple didn't talk seriuosly about sexual wants and needs until the sex problem pop up in the marriage. That is a big issue in the virgin community, some virgins think they can't talk about sex or educate themselves about sex unless married.I believe sex for commitment virgins should educate themsleves about sex but you don't have to have uncommitted outercourse/intercourse to do so.
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