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  1. Does anyone know a really good machine to help lose weight fast and tone my belly. I want to tone my whole body, but my main focus is my belly. I was looking into buying a machine, but dont know which kind to get since their are so many. Also any other ideas to lose inches quick in the stomach would also be helpful. Thanks!
  2. Has anyone used a diet pill that has been effective and safe?
  3. Hey everyone. I'm in a long distance relationship right now. I love my boyfriend more than anything he means so much to me. But the fact is that he doesnt want to move back here, because we cant afford it right now. The cost of living is lower where he is from, but its also 8 hours away from here and I just cant see myself ever living there. He's been putting a lot of pressure on me to move there within the next month. I just graduated cosmetology school and Im looking to start a whole new career for myself and wont be able to do that out there because my cosmo licence wont be good there. I love him but I think i need to let him go because I feel like we are wasting time on eachother. I've been crying all night because I just dont know how to let him go. How do I let him go? And how do I do it so that he wont stop talking to me? Hes a stubborn guy and has said he would neer talk with me again if we break up. What do I say to him and how do I ever accept the thought of him with someone else?
  4. I'm currently looking for a new hairstylist job. I have a list of salons I would like to apply? Would you suggest first calling these salons and asking whether or not they are hiring, then ask to come in and fill out an application? Or should I go in to each location and ask for an application?
  5. I think I have urinary tract infection. I checked the symptoms online and I have the main ones. Do I need to see a doctor for this, or are there over the counter medications that will take care of it. I hate going to the doctors and I am so shy if she has to do more than take a urine sample. Thanks
  6. Thanks...I've talked to his mom before even spent the weekend with them. And the only reason im crying is because he is always home or lets me know where he is and I know if he could he would get in touch with me, but he hasnt. SO the worst case sinarios run through my mind.
  7. Im in a long distance relationship adn I have always talked to my boyfriend every single night since we've been apart...which is months. Tonight I came home and fell asleep after work and he usually text messages me to get me up. But I just woke up and realized he hasnt yet, and I dont know whether or not I should call his house because i dont wanna wake up his parents. But i am hysterically crying and so afraid that something happened to him. What should i do??
  8. Over the past week I've noticed some light spotting. I'm not due for my period for a week. The first time I noticed the spotting was last Friday when I came home from work. I had sex with my fiance that morning and he was a little more rough than he usually is, so I thought that may be the reason for some bleeding. But then on Tuesday I had some more spotting, this time a darker color. And again today the same dark color. AND in between,a few times, some very light pink colored spotting. I really am not sure what's going on. What's the most common reason women get spotting? (( A couple weeks ago our condom broke during intercourse and a few times we havent used one and he's pulled out, could that be a factor?)) Thanks in advance for any help
  9. Hi everyone, Im a few days past when my period is due. But I'm usually not all that regular so that may not have a big affect on my reasoning. Im just concerned because I've been having cramping like my period but theres no blood. I'm going to take a home pregnancy test soon, but guess I was just wondering if those trypes of crampings come along with early pregnancy.
  10. Does anyone have any tips on how to make a very good impression on an interview?
  11. We are 19 and actually we are engaged im just used to saying boyfriend. We both are ready in every way to have a baby. I know about sexually transmitted diseases and how they are passed from one person to the other. I really just wanted to know whether or not I could be pregnant..... we've discussed all of the concerns everyones mentiongin over and over again so I'm not worried about that. Simply wondering if you all think it's possible ..
  12. Neither of us like using condoms, and it won't be a bad thing if I get pregnant. Either way i'll be happy with the outcome.
  13. MagicEyes


    I was just wondering....I had sex with my boyfriend a few times this weekend without any protection. It was right after my period got over ..and I know that 14 days after your period is your most fertile time. Also my boyfriend pulled out every time we had sex. Is there anyway I could have gotten pregnant? What would you think the percentage of me being pregnant are?
  14. Hey, a few weeks back I went to see my boyfriend who lives close to 600 miles away. Next weekend is his college graduation and he wants me to be there, but the only problem is I'm broke and don't think I'll be able to afford the trip out there. He is also broke so we have no money. But he's kind of acting like he's mad about it all. I've been tryin to save every dime I get to go see him and just dont have enough yet. When I went to see him last time he told me he would never make me take this long trip again. But now thats all changed, not that I'm mad about it just a little shocked. Also we had agreed that he was going to move to be with me, once we savd enough money to get an apartment since my family wont let us stay with them. Now he wants me to switch schools and move out there. My school runs through the summer and ongoing until I complete the hours needed to graduate. I honestly dont want to change schools now cuz I really like where I'm at and I like my friends there, and Im really shy and dont like starting new places. Now he's making me feel guilty for being scared to move out there, saying that he was willing to do it for me so I should do it for him. I'm afraid to lose him because he is the sweetest, nicest guy I have ever met. He treats me like a princess and I know that he loves me more than anything. I have never dated a guy like that before and I love him more than anything too so I dont want to lose him. Im a little upset that he is mad over the fact that I dont have the money to go see him, and also I'm upset because we had agreed that he would move here ..now he is switching it around to me moving there. Sorry if any of that was confusing I just really needed to vent cuz Im nervous and worried, scared, and very confused myself. Any suggestions would be so grately appreciated.
  15. I love driving! Im just worried about breaking down, thats my only issue.
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