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  1. If you haven't read my frist post: We didn't speak for 2 days after we broke up, but for justice, we decided to really talk things out..we met up and talked for almost 3 hours, what he did, why he did it, how i felt, how sorry he was...after all that he's like, "if you can't love me, then i can't have you in my life, i can't just have you as a friend, my feelings are too strong for you." i can't live without him, the thought of that kills me, just to erase him from my life...so we got back together... Today, just after being with him, and being back to the "I Love you's" I realized like...am i absolutely and completely in love with him, or is he just someone who i do love, but more there for comfort? and..he is someone who is there for comfort, i realized, yes, i do love him, but it's really unhealthy for me to stay in this relationship where i'm lying to him about my feelings and not knowing what else could be out there.... How do I go about telling him that us getting back together was a bad idea?
  2. all 4 of my wisdom teeth were impacted, i got them removed when i was really young, i was only 14. i just iced like CRAZY, and i could eat soft solids in about 3-4 days.
  3. last night when i was hanging out with my exboyfriend, my boyfriend goes to get some food and i'm staying on his computer, this girl im's me about how they had a relationship, had sex, did everything, i didn't believe it, but i asked my boyfriend when he got home... it would be out 7 month anniversary tomorrow, but he's been cheating on me behind my back for 6 MONTHS, and it all makes sense now because i don't have a myspace, but my boyfriend does and when i saw his, i was like, "who's this girl leaving comments like I LOVE YOU?!" and he was just like, "oh some weird girl, she's stalking me, i'm gonna delete my myspace" there's been some trust issues i've had with him, it felt like we worked them out... but no, he cheated on me, he told me he loved me, i loved him...i put my heart out there...i've been cheated on before and he knows that...he said he was different, i feel so used and dumb...i just feel like i don't wanna try to fall in love again in another relationship...i don't know what to do now, how to deal with my emotions...
  4. My best friend and I are both going to be sophomores in the fall, but in our freshman year a senior (in college now) randomly came up to us and started talking to us...we became friends. and it wasn't that weird because he had a reputation for being nice and knowing pretty much all the freshman. So my best friend and I both see him as a friend, but he calls me a lot saying stuff like, "Ohhhhh....Kayla (my best friend) is so pretty," "I think I might like her," "Would it be weird if we started going out?" and I'm like, "are you serious?!?!" YEAHHH! and not only weird, but illegal! Again, my best friend sees him as nothing more than a friend, so last night he asked kayla to see a movie, but Kayla brought me along because we go everywhere together, but then I brought another girl just incase. So we all went and saw a movie Kayla sat between he and I and the whole movie he was like, "I'm scared!" and getting really close to Kayla and he kept whispering into her ear like random stuff, and she's completely blinded to the fact that he likes her. And he only likes her because she's really pretty. So my question is, she's my best friend, should I tell her? Will she believe me or think I'm jealous? I just don't want her getting involved in something that's bad. Also, I feel like he doesn't really see me as a friend, but he's only using me to get to her, like, "Monica! Let's hang! Bring Kayla!" and then when we do hang it's like I'm completely shoved to the side and he's trying to put all the spotlight on him. So I kinda wanna avoid hanging with him for now? Is that right? I just feel like he's using me.
  5. Let's say.. you're dating a guy, have been for about 6 months, and you find out that he goes around and flirts with girls, and calls them hott, checks them out, asks for their phone number, etc., while still dating his girlfriend... the girlfriend doesn't know, but her best friend does and has confronted the boyfriend about it, he says he doesn't mean anything by it and that he loves her okay? not okay?
  6. Basically, my boyfriend and I have a LDR, and I broke up with him about a month ago because he flat out cheated on me and he wasn't really committed to ONLY me, a week later, I'm back with him because I fell for him again because he basically sweet talke dhis way back to me, which was a big mistake. We've been together for those 3 weeks and I have flat out evidence that he's cheating on me because my friend sent me pictures and letters that he writes to her. I cannot just be a girl on hold or a spare...he either loves me or not, and I love him, but I can't keep getting hurt like this.... I NEED to break up with him again and get him out of my life, but why is this so hard?!?!
  7. I don't have a myspace, I used to, but when the hype started, I took it down because there was too much drama attached to it. My boyfriend and I have been going out for a year, we had our anniversary 2 weeks ago, but we have a long distance relationship being that I go to UCLA while he goes to UNL. I haven't seen him in person since December and when I saw him we definitely talked about trusting each other and promising to be faithful and not do anything with anyone else. I trust him and all, but last week I decided to check out his myspace to look at his pictures, and there's this girl in his top 8, who's put in the 1st spot and BEFORE his best friend, my boyfriend and his best friend are incredibly close, that's one thing I KNOW. So I scroll down his page and this girl is saying things like, "Hey baby, I love you lots" or "Hey I had a ton of fun last night sexy" Things that a friend who's a girl would not say, and so I look at her page and scroll down to her comments and I see comments from him that were so hard for me to see, I practically burst into tears reading them, but they were things like, "I love you babe" and "You're beautiful, I had an amazing time last night being with you" * * *?! boyfriends don't say those things to girls who AREN't their girlfriend. I love my boyfriend, and I would think that he loves me. I just don't know...maybe I'm coming to conclusions, but I hate this, I'm his main girl, I hope... What do I do?
  8. I've only been in a few serious relationships, and they all ended with my heart being broken by the guy. I posted about this in my previous post about being accepted into MIT and having to end it with my boyfriend because of the distance... I haven't told him that I got into MIT, yet...I have said things like, "I know it's crazy, but if I got into MIT, and I broke up with you, would I be doing the right thing?" And he said yes because he wouldn't want to keep me or distract me from a wonderful opportunity... It's been on my mind for the past 2 weeks, ultimately, no matter how long I wait, I need to break up with him...but lately he's also been talking about how perfect we are for each other, how we could be soulmates, a couple of nights ago we stayed up all night on my roof just talking, on Valentine's day we spent it laying in his bed snuggling, he's always telling me how beautiful I am, and the other night he said he loved me...I'm falling harder and harder for him every time I am with him. But if it's meant to be won't we find each other after we both graduate from college? I just don't know how to breakup with him because he's incredible and I don't want to break his heart... I really need to talk to someone. Any IMs on AIM would be appreciated. Thank you.
  9. I met this guy in November at this concert, I believe it was fate the way we met...during the show we were completely hitting it off and afterwards he got my number and I got his and we found out that we lived about 30 minutes from each other so it wouldn't be a problem to hang out. We talked mostly on the phone, and hung out about once a week, but it turned into 2 and then 3 and then 4... So after about a month, it was clear that we had feelings for each other, just in our flirting and he had asked me to be his girlfriend. He said he loved me a few days ago and whenever I'm with him he makes me feel like a little girl again, like he's there to care for me and protect me. The thing is I've been wanting to get into MIT, and I did, I got a letter yesterday and they're flying me to Massachusetts March 7th.(I'm in Cali right now) He's camping with his family for the weekend, but he'll be back Tuesday. We've talked about long distance relationships, because I did bring it up a while back that I do want to transfer to an out of state college) and he does not like them at all, like he thinks that they just don't work out and that it's just a way to hurt longer, rather than just ending it. We just haven't had to deal with it yet, and now we do. Honestly, before, I didn't think that it'd be this hard, I need to break up with him, I know that, but I never knew that I'd feel so strongly for him. I just keep thinking about not being with him and it completely tears me apart and before he's said stuff like, "I'd wait forever to be yours..." He's been so amazing lately I can't do it. I'm thinking that the longer I wait the more it'll hurt. I just hate that I have to do this... advice.
  10. Last night I went out on a third date with a guy that I was starting to have a good feeling about. We had our first kiss on the second date. Last night he wanted me to come over to his place because he said he was going to make dinner for me being that his parents were away for the week. So I came over, he showed me his room, we hung out there for a while, just listening to music...keeping everything PG-13. And then he goes downstairs to get some stuff out of his car. Now, I was left alone in his room, there was this photo album on his desk, and I just started flipping through it...saw pictures of friends, some of his artwork, family, random pictures, pictures of me and him, and in the back I saw pictures of what I'm guessing is HIS penis because he doesn't have any brothers. I have seen penis before, it's not like it's the first I've seen. I closed it quickly sat back down on his bed. When he came back, I jsut acted like I never saw anything and we ended up having a great time enjoying each other's company, but in the back of my mind...I was still thinking about it. I don't know why I'm weirded out about this. I just am really starting to like him, and then I see his penis...awkward. I mean I'd be alright with the penis if we had been seeing each other longer, I'm a very intimate person, just when I'm really falling for them and when our relationship has really developed. I don't want things to be awkward. I'm going to formal with him in a week so what do I do? Forget about it? Help me. ](*,)
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