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  1. Thanks guys, I feel a bit better today. I exercised yesterday and I believe that helped out alot. I appreciate the comments
  2. I think it's ok as long as you have an agreement on being able to do that, but if it's bothersome then yes I believe you should be able to ask them to stop going.
  3. Lately I've been feeling so out of place. I feel I don't fit in anything at all, and lately nothing has my interest except for my kids and work. When I'm not working or with the kids that's when the empty feeling sinks in. I'm trying really hard to be happy but I still have this feeling of emptiness. My best friend still hasn't contacted me and I think that's what has me feeling so blue. I hate feeling this way, I used to be so happy go lucky and fun. Now I just boring and moody. *sigh*
  4. At my husband's work parking lot during his lunch break.
  5. I can sort of relate, except my friend is just totally ignoring me. We have been best friends since 1994, and was pretty much the only female I ever trusted, I didn't even trust my sisters or mom like I did with her. Anyways maybe you should tell her about how you feel about her not attending your fathers funeral. I mean my friend isn't talking to me and I have no idea what I did and I just wish she'd call and tell me what is wrong. IF I did anything wrong that is, she seems mad and it's just kinda sucky that she seems mad/bothered by something and isn't being fair by letting me know or explain. So if you can call her up and talk to her. Hope things work out for you.
  6. It just sucks because I've known her since Jr. High and it was always just the two of us. She still hasn't called or emailed, I'm just letting it go for now in hopes that she'll cool down a bit.
  7. Well the title says it all, I'm clueless as to what I did to my best friend of 10+ years. She's been giving me the silent treatment since Christmas then yesterday she posts a blog about feeling she's being taken advantage of and that she feels no one does her favors and need her only when convenient. Which I know can't relate to me because I haven't spoken with her since Christmas. Plus I never ask for anything because she works odd hours and I have kids now so we're both pretty busy. Anyways then she makes a statement about how she should have just stayed a loner in school which I felt related to me. I called her and left her a message as soon as I read it, then I emailed her again. And today I still haven't heard from her and she delete's the blog entry. I'm just so frustrated and confused. I miss my best friend. She's the only I really have and it hurts to be shut out like this.
  8. I just thought I'd vent here a little since I know that psychopath doesn't visit this place. I have this ex "friend" who still a year later will not leave me alone. She's bi polar and I don't know if that has anything to do with it but I'm getting sick of it. Our friendship did not end well and she made up some stuff about me on certain blogging sites and posted a few things I didn't want people to know. Now over a year later I put a stat counter on my entries just to see who's reading and her ip address shows up everyday since I started doing it on the 24th, and she visits my page MULTIPLE times a day. Prior to this her and her mini pyscho did not want anything to do with the same blogg I'm in, and now all of a sudden they're back to posting there but I haven't seen nor to I give two rats behinds what they write about. I have totally left them alone and even told the first psycho that she's dead to me. I expected no more or less of her. So anyways thanks for letting me get this out. I wish they would just leave me the F*** alone.....
  9. I have to agree with the rest of the posters, try an move on sweetie. It is hard, especially when we put in so much time with them. She's telling you to move on because she obviously did. As for keeping in touch, maybe not such a good idea. Good luck to you.
  10. I am so sorry to hear this happened. It definitely hits home with me, I too am a people pleaser so I know how you feel. To me it sounds like maybe she needs some space to "see what else is out there". I mean who knows how long it will be until she feels that way again. So maybe a separation? Whatever you do I wish you the best.
  11. Yes, as shocking as it was, when me and my husband were separating he tried to get me to stay at the last minute (he was the one who broke it up) and I told him no, and then told him I was talking to someone online (he was seeing some girl already, and I wasn't even gone yet...). He just started crying, and he RARELY cries if at all. And he admitted to crying when he would think of me. So yes men do cry.
  12. I have been cheated on by my husband and also have cheated on him when we were just dating. We have both been able to grow from that, and obviously forgiven each other. But to do it now, well my first thought would be no, but honestly I can't stand by that 100%. I'm not sure he feels the same (not that I have plans on cheating) but I can't really say that I wouldn't take him back....
  13. I don't think sex chat rooms are acceptable at all. My then bf did the same thing. It was porn at first then he went and actually started chatting and looking at adult personals in our area. He still looks at porn, but I told him it better end there. It's up to you really where you stand on this issue. Good luck.
  14. I agree with all the above posters, you made the right decision leaving. Wish you the best.
  15. Awww I'm most sorry to hear about your son having to go through this. As for your wife, well hun it definitely sounds like it's over. Like OceanEyes said she wasn't too bothered by your infidelity, well she probably thinks it would be ok for her to do too then. And her wanting to leave for a few days alone.... I truly wish you the best. V
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