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  1. Hell he's 36 if he wants to live like that and your mom doesn't mind then let him .Its his life. Who knows, maybe he'll make a million and move to Hawai.
  2. I call the 'Keep quiet pills' thats what ttheyre for. If I were you I'd go for proper counelling/psychotherapy and avoid drugs like the plague.
  3. Hey Martin. Good for you being so brave at 17! Anyway I think they know, maybe theyre in denial? If I were you I'd bring it up next time they ask you about girls,or if you fancy your friend, better to clear it up.
  4. Hi everyone, I come from a very Alchohol centric culture, where nearly every social even is based around drinking. A friend of mine has just dropped out of collage due to an ever increasing drink and drugs problem He is coming home for the year. He still won't admit to being an alchoholic even though it is evident to all,however, he is trying hard to stay away from bars and places he might be tempted. I am worried that over the holliday season he'll fall off the wagon. Is there any way I could organise a 'Dry' New year party and still have people come? Is it safe to have him around people who are drinking at all?
  5. All I can say , from a straight persons point of view, is that if they are your friends then they love you for who you are, and if who you are is a gay person they they'll love you just the same.Dont be afraid to tell them.
  6. Thanks for that, I was beginning to think there WAS soming wrong with us.
  7. ''I have it my head that I love this girl'' What does that mean? You have to have it in your heart man! ;-) I might be totally wrong but it sounds like you dont really care much one way or the other. If you really wanted to and felt it was right wouldnt you just go? If youre dithering over it then don't bother.
  8. Giving a friend and a new flame space is all well and good but I'd say they both crossed the line into rudeness.She's got a huge double standard if she thinks she's treating you appropriately but wont accept the same treatment from you.
  9. Hello. I have a problem that's really worrying me. I've known my best friend since we were 14 (7 years) and we have been through a lot since then, know each other very well and love each other an awful lot (although not romanticly). The problem is that since we became adults people are constantly teasing and criticising us about our friendship. people in our circle of friends and family think were having a sexual relationship and are lying about it or they think we SHOULD be, or that one or both of us must be gay, which is not true. We just dont have that kind of relationship, I cant explain why. I understand that people might make the mistake of thinking we are together (I have made similar mistakes myself) That doesn't bother me. What upsets us both is that people are saying its not right and that were kidding ourselves, that we're immature for not taking it further ect... We've both had relationships with other people and our friendship wasn't a problem for them, so why is it such an issue for our other friends and family? I feel like my friend is beginning to find it really annoying and I feel a bit like I'm causing resentment between him and other people, just by being around. On the other hand I know he'd never say it . I don't want to have to cool off a good friendship just because of what people think, i'd really hate that, but I cant stand the criticism anymore. I know this sounds like I'm just being touchy , but its constant and really annoying What can I say in defence?
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