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  1. I was in an abusive relationship, a little over a year ago.

    My life has drastically changed since then. I had to take a semester off from college because I couldn't function. Now I'm behind in school, I feel so discouraged.

    The only reason I left the relationship was because I knew that if I didn't my significant other would murder me.

    It's really hard, because the relationship wasn't physically abusive, and thereforeeee many people seem to dismiss my feelings regarding the relationship.

    I've seen him in a rage, and then I've seen him snap. In those moments I remained motionless and gave him my undivided attention, I gave him no reason to hit me. In those moments I knew he wouldn't just stop at hitting me.

    He stalked, and harassed me on several occasions.

    During, and shortly after the end of the relationship were the lowest points in my life, and believe me, I've had some really low points.

    I don't know what to do. I feel that no matter what he can do whatever he feels like when he pleases.


    He was suppose to stop contacting me, after we broke up, but he didn't.


    I'm seeking a restraining order against him, however I didn't realize I would have to see him in court. I'm not looking forward to seeing him at all. It's like my worst nightmare come true.

    I've grown in so many ways since the relationship, but whenever I think I've overcome the effects of the abuse, something happens to make me realize that I haven't.


    This person really terrified me. He did so many horrible things during the course of our relationship. He is a monster to me. I am 22yrs. old, and I'll be afraid to go certain places within my own home, because I'm afraid he'll be there. I feel like a child who has just seen a horror movie and is afraid to even go to the restroom alone because they feel the monster is there.


    I was completely drained when the relationship ended. I'm afraid to invest in anything else, including school, because I don't want to ever feel that empty again.


    I feel like one bad decision (staying in an abusive relationship) is ruining my life.

    I gave him my power, and I want it back.



    Please help.

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