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  1. i am 24 and i am going out with a 35 year old women and i find her far more attractive than any women my age!! For a start she knows whatshe wants and secondly its all in the eyes!!!
  2. im in same situation NC didnt work she just got back with her ex but again for the third time she is saying she wants to get back with me!
  3. Ok so i have been trying my NC with my girlfriend of 18 months for the last week, i seriously cant get her out my head and i am seriously tempted to give her a llast chance! The story is that she has a baby with her ex lover (who asks for her back constantly) after 6 months of a secret relationship (Reason for secrecy, she told me so she didnt want 2 upset her ex & to keep maitence money) we split up cuz the ex found out about us, she went back 2 him for 6 weeks, then she said she was in love with me and she got back with me 3 months later we split again and she got back with him, then it happeed again each time she gets back ith him its for a shorter time!! So thi latest time she finished with me and after less than a week she is asking for me back, i am serouily temted to give her 1 last try! I asked y she gets back with she told me cuz he is friends with her friends and she feels like she has a social life wen with him, but wen she is with me she feels she just has me! She swears there is no sexual attraction with her ex and she is not in love with him!! So what do i do?? Shall i give it 1 last try and tell her if she gets back with him again thats it for good? I am so stressed about this i love her so much and dont want to say goodbye!! Please help!
  4. thanks catlover its good to get an opinion from some1 who has been in a similar situation, but i am so week and i am finding it so hard to walk away, i went to NC managed about a week and she was constantly phoning and texting yestersay, i finally spoke 2 her last night and she is asking for me back and she is now saying she wants to give me her love and commitment and for us to settle, so i ended up going round last night, we made love and had a nice chat, but today she has not made any effort again!! I am so confused, i am tempted to give it 1 more try!!!
  5. I think its worth giving it a try! But hey who am i to advise i have been waiting for my girlfrind to change for a year now and i have got back with her on 3 occasions and now she wants me back again do i get back with her?
  6. im circumsised and the sex is so much better cuz it does feel more sensitive and all of my girlfriends have preferred it, i used 2 hate it but i love it now i have had sexual experiences!!
  7. Ok i am a guy that has just split up with a girl like this and half the problem was her insecurities, u cannot let the other guy ruin ur life and u have 2 trust ur partner, ur never gonna know what ur bloke is doing 24hrs a day so u have no choice but to trust him! Trust him there are nice guys out there!!
  8. You sound u have it bad, i have been through exactly same situation twice, if u cant walk away, u need to ignore her so she realises how much she misses u keep her guessing and always b nice but not over mushy, she will cum running, and if she dont then she seriously is not the 1 for you!! Trust me it will work a treat!!
  9. luke2005


    I think you should try kissing his chest then movin down slowly whilst looking at him in the eye until u go lower enough to really blow his mind away!!! Every guy likes it!!
  10. Its sounds very much like thrush go to boots or get a friend to go and buy canastean cream first, or capsule!! Then if u are still like this a week later go to your doctor!
  11. I say move on my friend your still young and u will feel like this again but with some1 who treats u with respect and who is proud of you!! She wants her cake and 2 eat it!
  12. But its so difficult and she always says she loves me, she has also done alot for me but i dont understand y she keeps getting back with us both, she says she feels more secure with him, but she feels that i appreciate her more!! I havent spoke 2 her for a few days now and i missing herl like crazy, is there any point in getting back with? will she ever commit? what do i do about this situation?
  13. But she says she loves me, i cant understand her, maybe your right no contact is for the best , but its so difficult with sharing so many good times with her, and helping bring up her child for 18months!!
  14. On a male view i think you both need to give it 1 last tryand you need to trust him, at the end of the day u can never see what ur partner is doing 24/7 and a marriage is worth working at especially if u love each other, but i will say if he ever cheats again u know u have 2 walk away for good!!
  15. I started seeing my girl after she had split with her ex of 7 years, she had a child with him as well, i have been seeing mygirlfiend for 18 months and i have even lived with her, i did everything for her and we was very happy, but throughout our realtionship she has flipped out and split up with me on 3 occasions and got back with her ex, but always ended up getting back with me cuz she has said she is in love with me and she is not sexually attracted to him! Do i believe her? This is the forth time she has done it, and she is still telling me she is in love with me but cant be with me(heard this three times befroe by the way) What do i do? Is she still in love with him as well? Willl she ever commit to me cuz i know she loves me but i think she feels for him 2! Help apprciated!!
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