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  1. if he's no longer interested then couldn't he at least talk to me as a friend? I don't know I just feel he's avoiding me for some reason, I never did reply if I wanted to stay friends or be more than friends when his friend asked me for him... and when we hang out we're both shy and I don't really show that I'm interested in being more than friends with him. I do like this guy so I'm just wondering why hes ignoring me.
  2. I wanted to ask if there is a reason a guy who likes you start ignoring/avoiding you all of a sudden? For example the guy tries to not contact you so you contact him and when you do he keeps the convos short like "yea" "ok" and the thing is he isn't busy or anything and he's talking to everyone else but not me, and he can't be mad at me because I don't think I did anything wrong so is he playing hard to get? waiting for me to make a move or something? what do you guys think. I forgot to mention... his friend asked me if I wanted to be more than friends because the guy likes me and well I never really said yes or no and when we hang out me and him we're both shy and I don't really show that I'm wanting anything more than being friends.
  3. thanks for the replies, here's an update he imed me yesterday and invited me over a friends house... I was not expecting that at all, took me by surprise. Could be that I was ignoring him the night before, iono this is confusing.
  4. we've started hanging out for like a month.
  5. I've met this guy through a friend of mines and I know he likes me since his friend (the one who introduced me to him, and the one he tells everything to) asked me if I wanted to stay friends or be more than friends, however I wanted to go with the flow and it's going fine. We go to the movies together, we hang out, with a group and sometimes just us. Also contact online was great too he almost always imed me 1st but then like suddenly it kinda stopped? like he wont im me anymore so I would be the one to do it but then he answers in like a non interested way I guess and compared to our usual convos its not even a convo I dont think. Also hes usually the one to make plans on hanging out, this time I'm the one that does it and he doesnt seem interested either. So I just wanted to know why a guy who likes you suddenly ignores you all of a sudden? It could be he's busy but its been happening for like 2 weeks now. Can it be that he doesnt like me anymore? but still why cant he just talk to me like a friend and not ignore me altogether. I'm thinking hes mad at me about something? but I didnt even do anything wrong, I dont know but I wish things were back to the way they were before. What do think could be the problem?
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