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  1. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this. Im in desperate need of some advice. I am almost 30 weeks pregnant with my second baby and have a 16 month old that I stay at home with and care for full time. My partner (whom Ive been with for 4 years is 6 years younger than me) has been battling with drug addiction since he was 18. He kept this a secret from me until we were dating for a year a half since at the time, he was in recovery. We fell pregnant with our first son after only being together for 2 years. I was hesitant to have a baby with Jack (my partner) since of his up and d
  2. Supercal, the anger will subside but believe me, it will go in waves Thats what happens to me. Some days Ill wake up SO angry for no reason. Then others, I feel nothing. And your post made me laugh...yes I would like to tell him a few truths myself but Im holding back right now. Im trying not to act irrationally, but I might have to. He honestly acts like we never dated and we're just buddies. It really makes me angry but what can I do? He is borderline crazy and Im starting to realize that. Its sad.
  3. I made it through 4 months of NC and then I saw him to which he started calling me to complain about his gf that he LEFT ME for pulling away from him. I still talk to him because I feel bad for him, but in the back of my mind, Im thinking, why the hell am I doing this to myself? he made his bed!
  4. Day 13..... I actually felt good the last 2 weeks until today. I think the reality is finally starting to set in. The NC was my decision and as much as I miss my best friend, how can I be friends with someone that completely disregarded my feelings during our break-up? It just sucks. Im having trouble accepting that he is NOT the same person anymore. I miss someone that doesn't even exist.
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