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  1. So I have a fiancé and two sons from a previous marriage in my life until recently. Her and I have been together for 6 years. She has been a bigger part of my son’s lives then their mother since she and I started dating. One of my sons just contracted HSV1 March of this year. Not sure the hows or who’s. When he found out, he was dating a girl. He told her and it was hard but they are still together 6 months later. This girl may be his only chance at happily ever after and kids. They were both going to join the military and go out and see the world. My son asked if she could move in, be workout partners, and join when they were ready. I said yes not thinking to ask my fiancé about it. I am wrong. They have both gotten cold feet and are wanting to go into the nursing field now. My fiancé is temper tantruming and wants her out sooner than later. She doesn’t know about the HSV1 and thinks it’s just wrong to have young people shacked up like that. I truly feel like this is my sons one of few chances in life to experience love and possibly children due to the stigma of herpes. I feel like his happiness is more important than mine. So if the fiancé wants to break up/move out because I’m not willing to make the gF move out am I wrong? They both have good jobs and want to save to take a nursing class soon. Living under my roof will enable them the ability to save a lot and assist them on the path of happily ever after.
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