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  1. My boyfriend and I are about to hit 1 year in 2 weeks and I haven't introduced him to my family yet. A the beginning of our relationship, he was moving very quickly, within 1 month he asked to meet my family and I felt it was too soon for me. I feel introducing a boyfriend to my family is a big step and I vocalized that and we have had problems regarding this ever since. In between then and now we have had several breakups that have been really painful for both of us. He was calling me names and criticizing me, putting me down and it seriously affected my self-esteem and self. My parents were both there to hear me cry daily and struggle and as a result they both disapprove of us dating and have not wanted to meet him at all. My dad seems a bit more willing to meet him now but my mom isn't. She feels he is verbally abusive and doesn't approve of us dating. My boyfriend brings this up with me all the time and gets extremely mad because I have met all of his friends and family despite our problems but he feels like it is my choice to not introduce him to them. But really, they don't want to meet him because of how he's treated me and hurt me in this relationship. He feels I prioritize my family over him but I give him all of my time and attention, I blow off my family and friends to be with him and I still ask if they would like to meet him and they say no. He feels he has done nothing wrong to deserve their disapproval and blames me for our relationship being one sided. So now, he is not going to involve me with his family what-so-ever anymore until he meets mine. The problem is, he lives with his brother, his mom is living with them until december and he has his daughter the majority of the week. Anytime i mention wanting to see my family or spend time with them, if he isn't working, I avoid seeing them because he gets so angry with me. I am close with my family and before we started dating I would see them at least 2-4 times a month and now i go 1-2 months without seeing them. I don't know how to fix this. I feel like he's not being understanding and just angry at me. I feel like i can't even mention my family otherwise we have a problem and that hurts me. Ive been honest with him and have told him why its been difficult for me to introduce him to my family but he says its bullsh*t and i've never been an involved girlfriend.
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