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  1. We both live with our parents still, we mostly stay hers as she works from home and it’s also closer for me. I am a very passive person but I have raised this issue numerous times. She also makes no effort with my friends, yet we’re constantly planning things with her friendship group. She constantly makes digs at my habits/behaviour patterns, asking when I’m going to grow up and sort myself out as things won’t work out as they are when we move in together. I feel like I’ve lost total control of myself.
  2. Hi everyone, I have a few things that are nagging me in my relationship and would greatly appreciate your views/opinions. I’ve been with my girlfriend for 3 years now, we don’t currently live together but I do spend every night at hers pretty much. Ever since we got together it’s always felt like whenever I suggest doing something with my family she feels as if it’s a chore, for example whenever I go out to visit my immediate family she’ll encourage me to be as quick as possible and very rarely comes with me even though I invite her every time. However when the tables are turned she expects me to attend all her family events and gets very agitated if I were to suggest I didn’t fancy it. I’m very close to my family but I feel like I’ve became more distant and haven’t made nowhere near the amount of effort that I made before our relationship with my family (nieces, nephews etc). I’m starting to feel like it’s controlling behaviour. I’ll occasionally buy her gifts of significant value which she’ll be great-full for, yet when I buy something for myself (usually golf clubs etc) she’ll claim I’m always wasting my money… I feel like I’ve lost who I originally was and I’m becoming distant from my true self. I do love her but I’m not sure if I’m in love anymore and I really don’t want to upset her. I constantly have doubts in my mind and don’t know what to do.. Thanks for reading 🙂
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