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  1. I had been dating this woman for a little over a month that was super impatient. She would freak out completely whenever I cancelled our dates. She'd become really upset and impatient. Over the weekend she did a meal prep for me and cooked a lot of food. She seemed a little upset that I wasn't available to get it. I told her that she could come over after 10pm and bring it and she refused. She said she didn't want to come over that late to avoid getting caught up in a bootycall. She said she'd bring the food in the morning. I agreed. I spoke with another woman I hookup with sometimes and she agreed to come over around 1am to hookup. She ended up staying the night. So when the other woman called me in the morning to see when she could bring the food I didn't answer her calls or respond to her text. A few hours after her first call and text she called me from a different number and I answered when I realized it was her I hung up. Now she was super pissed. She kept calling and texting and wouldn't stop. I didn't want to talk to her but she kept calling. Was I at fault here? I blocked her number because I got tired of her calls and anxious messages. Should I apologize or should I leave her blocked?
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