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  1. The whole point of mentioning it was gifted to me by an ex is that it had sentimental value. That's why I don't want them replaced The point was that were super estranged and im bitter about the disrespect from her side that doesn't mean I'm upset that she's married and all she's much older than me and I'm genuinely very happy for her on that matter
  2. Over 3 years ago (2018) I had lent my Harry Potter book collection to one of my close friends. She was going through a bad breakup, she loved to read and I thought this would cheer her up .It's important to mention that they were brand new and were gifted to me so had sentimental value, but I didn't mind lending it to a close friend. However we drifted apart. I mean she got married, and had a kid recently. We just met up like 4 times in 3 years. So last November I asked for them back and she said she's sorry she thought they were a gift and gave them to her sister who studies abroad?! When I clearly mentioned back then "these are a gift from my ex and they're brand new keep them safe and whenever you're ready you can give them back" I certainly didn't mean 3 years later.Plus it was her bday week so I had gifted her something completely different. I told her sorry you must've misunderstood and she said she will ask her sister to bring them back when she comes to the country or replace them for me. Okay literally 10 months later her sister comes back and stays for around a month then leaves again So I texted her on insta asking about her and her family and then proceed to question about the books bc I acc need them. And she only says don't be disappointed my sis forgot them I'm so angry and disappointed I genuinely can't wrap my head around it Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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