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  1. Also he is my boyfriend. The only he I have used. I didn't say my cats were in the basement, they have a room where their food and water and litter box is. I never brought up an ex! I only said my last relationship was a very long time ago so it is unlikely the person texting is an ex! Besides my ex has a child and is engaged. I don't think my story doesn't make sense. Just that it is very confusing because the majority of the drama is happening through untraceable numbers. If my post reads poorly I apologize. I wanted to type it all down when I had a moment, and I have cleared up a lot of it in the posts to others. I agree all signs point to him (the boyfriend) but at the same time, i don't see why he wouldn't just suggest we break up instead of going through all of this ? I have also been dealing with this with zero feedback because it stresses my parents out (they insult then send nasty images etc) so I tell then just to ignore the texts, and I have been doing the same. I just wanted to know how anyone else would react to this situation. Maybe I am a bit crazy for staying or dealing with a lot of this but I am not making this up. If I was wouldn't I post somewhere else where I'd get attention? I came across this website looking for answers and a post similar to my situation popped up with a lot of advice and experiences. This is why I posted here.
  2. There are websites where you simply contact one of the females and ask them to visit you. If you don't believe me look into it yourself I am not sharing the websites but it isn't unbelievable. I probably would have said the same thing. But they are mostly drug addicts so they will go anywhere without really noticing red flags and just hearing the promise of $100. And okay this is my point all of this is insane but he acts like me getting upset is what is crazy and saying I have trust issues !!! they have been sent to my aunt and uncle's and my parents. I don't see how this could only exist in my mind when police and my family are involved.
  3. What the hell??? My parents are getting these texts? I literally filed a police report? It is just very confusing and I probably explained it wrong. I live with my boyfriend the photo used is on an old iphone I have. I don't understand how anyone could get to it unless they hacked my apple account. This is a lot of technology related harassment and exactly why the police won't get involved. Also if I am crazy why does my boyfriend, mom, dad, aunt, and uncle recognize the problem? My parents went to the police as well. But whatever I don't have to prove anything to you. I am also upset and wanted feedback. Yeah it doesn't really make sense and I am so frustrated. I brought up the breast thing because I had mentioned I wanted one, so I think these texts are attempting to jab at an insecurity. If I was still 16 sure that would hurt. But what hurts the most is to have all this happen, with my boyfriend seeming the most guilty, but he literally will cry and say it isn't him but then leave for work and a barrage of texts appear two hours later.
  4. No you are misunderstanding. They come to the door because someone pretended to invite them over. They aren't paid. They are expecting to be paid. I am saying I used this as harassment when I did contact the police because IT COULD HAVE been dangerous. I read online sometimes people hire girls like that and then they have their boyfriend come in or whatever and pretend to have found her cheating and steal your money. Regardless it is illegal and I thought the police would get involved but they just said they cannot trace the person texting. Which is true, the fbi does that.
  5. I have changed my number many times..I met him at a car meet up for mini coopers
  6. The end there hurt a little, but I needed to hear that. I understand life is too short to constantly feel not good enough around someone and they doing the bare minimum to show they are or attempting to make it stop. Someone suggested it's an ex, I had not dated someone for 3/4 years before meeting the topic of this entry It's just super frustrating. He accused me of being paranoia etc but he WAS paying the rent for a girl he was seeing before we met. I said her or me, and he ended the 1,700 a month lease Ir just feels like I am being played with. I was hoping there was a way I could track these texts this has to be illegal. They also send randomr prostitutes to our house when I'm off work and home and he is still working. That made.me so angry because after looking into it sometimes those people come over just to steal. I really appreciate that you read this. I feel bad it in the end he has no control
  7. I appreciate this comment. I am starting to realize I might not ever know. And that alone makes me feel crazy.
  8. Since the images weren't sent online but to my family I guess it isn't as important. Also , they claim is to be very difficult to do because they use various numbers. My family and I have gone to the police. They only looked at the photos and said it is almost impossible to track them down when they use texting apps. It seems cases like this only get solved if the victim is murdered or hurt (I like true crime, but no I don't think he will hurt me) Police suggested save all the messages and do not reply The problem is he really seems innocent. At first my family defended them, until he seemed to do nothing about it. You would a guy (or girl!) In a relationship would want to have a few words with whoever it is... would understand my insecurity in the bedroom (texter claims everyone is else is better and he can't wait to get away from me in the morning. Maybe I am rambling a bit but I have kept the majority of this stuff to myself. I just don't understand the motive unless 1. It is him and he doesn't have the guts to say "get out" 2. He is seeing someone else and making up a story so they feel they are doing him a favor pushing me to leave 3. It is a crazy ex. Number three is what I tell everyone but in reality it doesn't make sense because the information is recent and happened between me and my boyfriend in his house. He has cameras....and a lot of weird devices that show up on Bluetooth. He says it is his neighbors...but they are just random letters. He has a camera pointing out the front door, camera in his basement and a camera where my cats are staying.
  9. Because they are only found on an old iphone ..or my boyfriends phone (all have been deleted) it was luckily just my butt...but again, it really points to him. They use texting apps like burner phone, text me, text now etc
  10. I met my boyfriend (M31) in November of 2020 and we hit it off really well..(I am F29) starting around January I began getting harassing text messages...my mom, dad, aunt, and uncle would receive them as well. In the beginning they were very mean and included naked photos of me. This person continues to do it today and claims they do it because they want me to break up with my boyfriend. They claim he is seeing other people and buying them gifts, paying rent, and hotel rooms. This has gone on long enough. The information they have are things we have only said together whether in person or text. He claims he is not involved and doesnt know. The thing is, he works in robotics? He is an engineer...and he knows about this sort of thing better than most people. If it were true, I feel like he would be able to solve this problem These texts have made me so insecure. It has been suggested he is seeing escorts and when I looked at some of the websites the girls aren't very good looking outside of their "body parts" this texter insults me because I have a smaller.chest and build. I plan to get surgery, but I wanted to wait until I wasfinancially secure/have the ability to spend that kind of money on something just for me. Seems like a silly thing to get done when you don't have much money. I have confronted him countless times. He swears it isn't him, he doesn't want me to leave etc. But it doesn't make sense. They only text when he is at work never on the weekends are rarely past 6:00. I don't know if it is him or some other girl but I really want to understand why this is happening before just running away. So much doesn't make sense. Why live with someone your not attracted to ? He rarely wants sex unleww we we are on a trip..and I never noticed that until recently. Finally, it hurts ! I hate feeling ugly , less than, and hated. The idea of him using another girl to make them and myself jealous makes my blood boil. I don't know how to find out if he is lying and I feel creepy checking up on him at work. I feel overbearing asking to look at his phone That's another thing, this texter would know things that only existed on my phone in the past. Any opinions??? Also before someone says "just block" they make.a.new number...somwtim s using three separate numbers in a day...we are at 410 numbers. Police do not help.
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