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  1. I’ve now been with my girlfriend for the last year and she’s always had underlying trust issues and insecurities, however recently I feel they have been getting worse. I’m not sure wether it is my tolerance being worn down or if in fact they are becoming bigger problems for her. In these last few months I have stopped regularly speaking to most of my female friends so that she doesn’t feel uncomfortable and stopped going out with my male friends entirely for the same reason. I have never been disloyal to her yet she believes that I have been or will be and it is draining. I feel like I have done everything shes asked of me when it comes to making her feel as tho I am trustworthy. I really don’t know what more I can do, I love this girl a great amount and I’m not one to give up easy. So if anyone has any ideas as to how I can improve my situation I would be greatly appreciative. context: we are both 19 and in university, we have talked about moving in to a flat next year together but I am not entirely sure about this idea due to the fact that we seem to argue daily because I am not trusted.
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