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  1. Wow there’s a lot to respond to here. First off if I do end up dating this guy it will absolutely be because I want to. Yes he’s said he would like us to have a relationship. That was over a month ago. Almost a month and a half. We’ve been in constant contact since then. Texting almost every day and talking on the phone at least twice a week. He’s never once brought up us having sex again during any of our conversations. He’s also never once brought up us dating either. He understands my boundaries and he’s respecting them. We also hung out together all day a couple Sundays ago. When he dropped me off Sunday evening he never even tried to kiss me. So he does understand my boundaries and does enjoy spending time with me even when he knows it won’t lead to sex. And we’re are definitely going together to the wedding Saturday night. I already asked and he said he’d love to go with me. Right now I’m not planning on it leading to anything but who knows? I may change my mind. I want to see how the night goes.
  2. I did ask and he said he’d love to go. It’s next Saturday night and I’m looking forward to spending the evening with him.
  3. No. You’re right. I was having an awful day yesterday. He is someone my family has met in the past. He already said he’d love to go with me.
  4. I was just wondering what people thought. I’m going to ask him regardless. I thought that’s what the point of these forums was. I won’t post here anymore.
  5. I feel like I’ve been single for two months now. Some people seem to want me to wait forever to date again. I’m not going to become a nun and wait forever. I’m definitely not holding a grudge against my ex. The breakup was mostly my idea. I’m not sure what you mean by projecting my ex’s faults. And all I’m going to say is that I’d like him to come with me if he wants. If he says no that’s fine. I really don’t think I have him in a pedestal either. I mean I do like him and we seem to click but I know he’s got to have faults like every other human on earth.
  6. He made it clear to me he wants us to be more than a hookup. That was over a month ago. We’ve been talking pretty much every day since. How long am I supposed to wait before I tell him I’d like to date him and see if we can be more than just friends who hooked up once?
  7. My immediate family knows him somewhat already because his sister and I have been friends forever. They would all know that he and I are there as friends. Of course none of them except my sisters know that he and I have slept together. I don’t think any of them would even think anything out of the ordinary about me bringing him. My sisters wouldn’t bother him too much. They are interested to meet him since I talked about him to them. My extended family probably wouldn’t ask too many questions. My female cousins would probably ask me about him but I don’t think any of them would ask us about marriage or anything.
  8. I posted on here last week about how my ex is mad that I hooked up with this guy after we broke up. I broke up with my ex at the end of July. I hooked up with this guy Henry over the Labor Day weekend last month. Henry is the brother of one of my closest friends so he’s someone I’ve known for years even before we hooked up. He has told me he’d like to see me again sometime and I explained to him that I was still processing my breakup from a relationship that lasted nearly four years. We’ve been in contact for the last month plus since we hooked up. Texting and talking on the phone. I’ve been thinking of him quite a lot. Outside of the fact that he’s ridiculously attractive I just think he’s one of the funniest and kindest guys I’ve ever met. We actually hung out Sunday at a friend’s house and watched a football game together. It was so good to see him again. We talked a lot of the time and it wasn’t awkward at all. I can really feel a spark when I’m talking to him. Like I know we’re just supposed to be friends right now and I know I’m only like two months out of a long term relationship but I feel like it’s crazy to take the chance that this guy might slip away if I wait too long. Back when I was still with my ex I RSVP’d to my cousin’s wedding saying I was bringing a plus one. Now of course I don’t have a date. So I was thinking of asking Henry if he’d be my date for the evening. I think it would be a nice time for us to hang out and get to talk a lot, have a drink or two and dance a little. He kind of knows my family a little too because I’ve been friends with his sister for so long. I’d really like to see him again and I think this is a low pressure type of thing we could attend together. Does this sound like ahold idea to get to spend a little time together? I was talking with his sister about him yesterday and she said he would probably jump at the chance to go with me.
  9. Sorry it took me so long to respond. I’m not sure if the guy is still married. I really had no desire to talk about him after a certain point. It always lead to us arguing. I was so disappointed in my sister for her choices when it came to this guy. I know it sounds judgmental but she know our family growing up was destroyed by our dad cheating and she went and did the same thing. So for now we’re going Saturday to the pumpkin patch. Just me, her and my nieces. I’m going to avoid talking about him if it can be helped. Wish me luck.
  10. My older sister (34 f) went through a divorce earlier this year. The divorce happened because of her cheating with a coworker. Last summer (2020) she confided in me that she was seeing this other man. I told her she was wrong and needed to end it. I said if she wanted to see other people her and her husband needed to divorce. It was the first of a lot of arguments she and I would have over the course of the next year. The more I found out about this guy the leas I thought the was a good person. He was married, had two kids and was 47. I tried to stay as uninvolved in my sister’s drama as I could but she would often ask me to watch me two nieces (ages 7 and 4). She’d try to talk to me about this wonderful man she was seeing but I had no interest in him at all. I thought a married guy thirteen years older than her was not the Prince Charming she thought he was. I understood that her marriage to her ex bust was often times rough but I thought her choice of a new person wasn’t the best. As much as I could I avoided talking about him with her. We had one huge argument about him back around the Fourth of July when she wanted to bring him to my parents for a party. My dad and mom are a pretty socially conservative Puerto Rican couple and they don’t like the fact that my sister and her new guy were both married when they got together. They told her the guy wasn’t welcome over there. I tried to tell my sister that it’s their house and their rules. She knew how they felt and I thought she was instigating by trying to take him over there. So she and I had a pretty bad fight over it. She accused our whole family of not supporting her and being judgmental of her. I have tried not to judge. I think her and this guy are both wrong for what they did but I have kept that to myself and haven’t thrown it in her face. We haven’t talked a lot for the last few months. When we do it’s almost formal and very awkward. I still take my nieces from time to time because I love them and want to see them. But she and I no longer have long talks like we used to. I went through my own breakup recently and boy could I have ever used her shoulder to cry on. She used to confide in me when her marriage was going badly and we used to talk about everything. I miss my sister so badly at times. I really want to talk to her again. I have so many things going on right now that I need a sister to talk them over with. I need to have her in my life and I hope she feels the same way about me. I’m hoping there’s some way we can work things out. At this point she’s with this other guy. I don’t particularly like it but I guess I have to deal with it. I’m thinking of just calling her and asking if she wants to get my nieces and we can go to this place we used to go every year to buy pumpkins for Halloween. I would love to just be able to sit and talk to her for a while and let her know no matter what I’m still here for her.
  11. I wish you luck. Both you and your husband deserve happiness. I hope both of you can find it.
  12. You are doing a disservice to your husband. He probably thinks you feel the same way about him that he feels about you. If he’s as good of a guy as you say he is then he deserves for you to tel him the truth. Sure it will hurt him to hear but he deserves someone in his life who actually loves him. Abandoning him and running off is the coward’s way out.
  13. Being possessive doesn’t sound like a good quality in a partner. Plus contacting your ex “for closure” isn’t going to lead to anything good. It sounds like you’re unhappy in your marriage. You need to talk this over with your husband. Contacting your ex might lead to cheating and that’s definitely not the right way to handle this.
  14. He’s very nice. He heard from his sister about what my ex said to me and he texted me last night to see if I was ok. We texted until pretty late and he did manage to cheer me up quite a bit.
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