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  1. I don’t know i assumed. When he asked to see each other i let him know what days i was free i guess i figured it was common sense
  2. I told him i wanted to see him which i was waiting for him to tell me his availability and then I’d do the extra work
  3. Thank you so much for your answer.. it wasn’t rude and you were polite.
  4. We didn’t have sex. We went to his dorm he showed me around we went out to eat etc
  5. When he asked me out i immediately said I’m off Friday and Saturday
  6. I wanted him to give me a time and date that he was free i expected him to ask when
  7. I guess i expected him to say when or give me times when he’s free
  8. Lol i took it as a no since he didn’t give me a time nor date
  9. Yeah after our date he started mentioning us hanging out again
  10. Maybe I’m confused i told him i wanted to see him again i expected him to let me know his availability
  11. I don’t know if i was over thinking because i just saw him Friday
  12. I’ve been seeing this guy only twice but he intimated both times so i told him i would like to see him again and all he said was “okay” is it my responsibility to to ask when he’s free or what time i wanna meet? I don’t know how to respond to just okay … i think that’s a bad sign
  13. I don’t want a relationship right now. Not trying to even put myself in a position to even catch feelings
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