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  1. I(22F) work as a waitress at my family's restaurant in a very small town where almost everyone knows each other. There's this guy (C) who has been going ever since I remember with his girlfriend. The point is that C went to eat one day with some friends that I haven't seen. I found one of his friends really cute, and I'm dying to get to know him. Now that I think about it, that specific friend has gone to eat to the restaurant before, but I wasn't interested at the time. I'm down to asking for his number the next time he goes in, but I'm too shy to do it in front of his friends. Also, I don't know when he would come in, and I don't want to ask C about him, since we are not friends also and I think he would find it weird. Any advice on what I should do?? I'm also too embarrassed to hand him a napkin with my phone number on it..... help!!
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