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  1. no, its that i dont know whether i should go or not
  2. no they are fine with us going to the dances. actually my school's was on saturday, its just i dont want to make anything awkward between us
  3. Yeah the dance was last Saturday and his homecoming is next month. The thing is that I always have an A average in all of my classes, most of which are honors classes, so its just that my parents don't what me to date yet. @Wiseman2
  4. so ive known this boy since 6th grade and im a freshman in high school now and recently we decided to go to each others homecoming festivities and stuff as friends because we went to different high schools. the problem is that i had a crush on him ever since 6th grade and decided it would be a good idea to confess to him that day. so i did, and it turned out he liked me back, but we arent allowed to date yet. so now i feel like my parents are giving me a hard time with it. i mean they arent yelling at me or anything, its just they keep telling me to focus on school first before relationships with anyone. its just that his school's homecoming is next month and i feel really bad for pushing him into all of this. to be honest, i dont even want to see him anymore because it would be really awkward. i woke up today and felt really sad, which is really bad since i a really happy and bubbly person all the time. i just dont want to get depressed or anything, but i also don't know what to do. please help!!!!!
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