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  1. Hey, I've been in a long-distance relationship with my girlfriend for about four months now and we will most likely see each other in one or two weeks when college starts. The thing is, she's been ignoring my messages and becoming more and more distant the past few weeks. This has already happaned like two months ago and during that period I was really worried that something might have happaned to her so I kept asking her if she was ok. She didn't really reply. After one or two weeks she finally told me that there was some stuff going on with her brother and her parents which upset her which is why shes been so cold. She apologized and said that she shouldn't have treated me that way to which I replied that it was ok because shes been dealing with stuff. Recently she started ignoring me again and I thought that she became kinda spoiled because I've never really let her know that her behavior sometimes really bothered and since its the second time this was happening I kinda had enough. I send her a message asking her to take this relationship more seriously and stop ignoring me because this way I'm always the one running after her and not knowing whats going on. I also added that if something was up with her she could tell me and we could talk about it and it would be fine but unfortunately she did not take that message too well... Basically, she responded with a very long and very bitter message saying that her aunt had been diagnosed with cancer and passed away recently which made her very depressed and that all her friends have been asking me why she hasnt replied and that she has to pretend to be happy all the time. She also said that she knows that shes ignoring me and that its her fault and that shes just a selfish person. I tried to reply with the most appropriate message possible and started by apologizing for my angry tone in my previous message and told her that it's fine if she wants to step away and take some time since she probably needed some more space. Then I explained that I know how she feels because my father passed away two years which also really tore me apart. I wanted to let her know that I can probably empathize and told her the story of me and my dad and my experience when he passed away and that she could talk to me about it if she wanted but, again, she didn't take that message too well... Her one and only response was blocking me on snapchat (which we mostly used these past few weeks to talk instead of our main messaging app LINE) It's been four days since this happaned and I have no idea what to do now. She has not contacted me through LINE or anything else to explain why shes acting this way and I don't think that she will any time soon. I don't know if I should keep quiet and wait for her to come find me or message her myself, trying to get her to explain whats going on. I'm afraid that she'll just block me there too and I still want this relationship to continue since I believe that this would not have happaned if we weren't a long distance couple. Maybe she thinks that by telling her my story about me and my dad I'm just trying to draw the attention to me, and afterwards I saw that I probably embedded too many emotions and details but this is not what I was trying to do at all...I've really tried my best to do everything right in this relationship and now I'm just lost. Did she indirectly tell me that we're broken up now by blocking me? I could really use some advice because I'm really scared and dont know what to do. Thanks 😞
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