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  1. Thank you all so much. He is indeed the best one and has never shown any kind of proof not to trust him. Thank you all so so much you may have made my day😊😊😊
  2. Thanks so much for the respond. All along the way everything matches, our needs our wants our lifestyle. I have no sigh that he might do something like bad. I think the problem is when I don’t feel good with my self and get effected in the relationship part… I don’t know though😕
  3. Hi, Im Catherine and I’m in an 1 and a half year relationship with an amazing person. My boyfriend is kind , caring and very loving. We make plans together and this seems to be going great. But, in my two past relationships I was the one being cheated on and that did really break my heart. I’m trying not to bring this to surface because I know he ain’t like the previous two and I seem to manage it. Except some very rare moments when those thoughts come into my mind and I wonder whether I should trust that man with eyes closed or if I will be hurt for one more time! Should I trust him?? He’s so good to lose all that and I don’t want to be disappointed, esp. from that person! thanks for your advice on advance!!!
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