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  1. It wasn’t really no ones idea in particular he invited me to a party. I went. And i don’t think so lol I’ve made it clear I’m done
  2. Let me start by saying my ex and i broke up on decent terms on my end. There wasn’t any yelling or screaming. So we are still friends. We actually went out to a bar together this weekend. Had a few drinks and we both went home. An hour after we left the bar he FaceTimed me. I answered and he’s like “what are you doing” so i tell him I’m on the way to bed and he then asks me who’s over there. So I’m looking puzzled and i said “no one” then he says “I’m coming over and then he asked me did i ever get my tire changed” (i had a bad tire a few weeks ago that he helped me change) so i said “yes” then he said “I’ll be over in a little bit” He hung up on me he never came over But last night he did the somewhat same thing. Instead he texted me but i could tell he was drunk his words weren’t spelled correctly but he asked to come over again etc. I’m not sure if i should bring it up or just not say anything because he was drunk and he didn’t come neither time
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