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  1. Thank you for you advise, I’ve tried asking friends and family and they genuinely don’t know, they think I’m a catch, I’m maybe just too nice haha! Hey more than happy to put it all into action… if I can secure dates first haha! Hard to get past the few message online nowadays 😊
  2. I think you did the right thing, your gut normally doesnt lie, only you know how he was on the run up to the date so only you know if he was being off after. I get so frustrated when guys think we are stupid and through the "i'm busy card" i've seen it more often than not. So just so you know, i would of done the exact same and you shouldn't feel guilt for closing the door cause if you didnt you would of just been sitting then waiting or hoping for him to message 🙂
  3. Hey, So i'm a 29 year old single girl who has been single the guts of 9 years now, so basically the whole of my 20's. I'd have said the whole time i was ready for a relationship but turns out when i look back i was really unhappy with myself most of my 20's so there was no way i was going to find someone worthy of settling down with when i didnt like the way i looked. Anyway 29 now, and all my friends are settled, got kids, engaged or will so be engaged etc and to be honest thats all ive ever wanted but it just doesnt seem to happen for me and i genuinely dont know what am i doing wrong? I wouldnt even say all the guys ive gone for have been similiar cause they have not been so its not a specific type etc. A couple of the guys i have gone on dates with have said your so nice and i wouldnt want to mess you around etc but they just aint ready for anything... i just dont know what to do or what to change or where to even begin ? I know age is just a number, but i would really like to enjoy my 30's with a partner since ive not had one in my 20's (i've had a great time just without a partner). It's not that i need a man, because i dont im happy with my own company BUT i would like one to enjoy life with. Has anyone been in this situation before and could maybe give some helpful advice? Thanks R
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