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  1. story: we have been together for almost 4 years, we have a very nice relationship and quite frankly we argue very little. Last summer we had a big fallout, mostly due to me, and ended up cutting contact for like a month. During that month, he spoke to a friend ( girl) who he has been friends since before we met, and she is also a friend of his sisters. I never really liked her, and believed she had a thing for him, but nothing every happened between them. During this month, she initiated conversation and they talked everyday. Eventhough nothing physical happened, it hurt me a lot, however, after a month separated, he came back to me and we worked things through. Since a week before we got back to working things up he never spoke to her again. She wished him happy birthday a couple months later, and he replied with a polite thank you. I have known this girl from a friend also before I had met my boyfriend. So i followed her on Instagram and so did my boyfriend. she's very private and barely posts. a Couple months back, in my suggestions on Instagram it popped up that she had a new account, whilst have her “old one”. I saw only two people I knew followed her, its private and there's only 2 pics. She still has her “old account” months pass, its been a year since our fallout, and her new account sometimes pops up, his sisters, nor him follow her. However 4 days ago, I instinctively check and I see that now his sisters follow that account and so does my boyfriend. It really upset me. I have never brought up following problems, and I’m not problematic in that way. he follows some of his exes and me too and i’ve never felt bad about that. But the fact that after so many months that this account has been created, the fact that its this person, and above all the fact that he found necessary to follow back an additional account of hers hurts me and is a betrayal for me. I know that the concept of the follow is small and stupid, but its the emotions surrounding it. So i asked him if we could discuss. mind you our discussion was very calm, and I was careful with my words, and i just told him how I felt and that it hurt me, and that i didn’t understand the action. During our conversation, he told me that he followed her because she asked for a follow, that I was being dramatic, that it was instagram and that I had a problem. I told him that hit wasn’t fair, because I was sharing my feelings and that my feelings were valid and so were his, but that dismissing it was hurtful. He told me :” im together with you no?” and also told me you seem to have a problem with her, and I did yes. Also when I asked him if they were friends, he said no, I asked him do you talk he said no, so I said why the need to follow the additional account, and he said its just an account and I followed back, like I do everyone. Honestly his reaction was painful. The conversation didn’t really reach a conclusion, I said what I needed to say, but his reaction even though I had been very clear was dissapointing. I left and so did he, he asked me if he should drive me to my car, I said I would walk. We haven't talked in 4 days now…. Usually in any arguments or fights, I don’t really have an ego, and I don’t play the game of who calls or texts first. But now I’m very hurt, I don’t understand how we are in this situation, to me, the message I’m getting is : you feel this way, too bad, figure it out. I don’t see love or respect for this relationship, but its crazy and hard to accept because normally everything is fine. So I’m really in a position, where I gave him a couple days to at least reach out. I’m not saying he has to agree with me, but he has to acknowledge my feelings and make me feel better, that's the basic needs in a relationship. I’m sad and shocked, but I also can't bring myself to write to him, because even if I did, I said what I said, he reacted the way he did. What else is there left. Its painful
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