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  1. My girlfriend and I started dating in college and we’ve been together for 2 years. She went off to grad school this fall and now we’re doing long distance. Before she moved to the different state she and I decided that I would move with her. But she said that when she was drunk and then the next day she said she wasn’t comfortable with it since she and I are both closeted and haven’t told our parents. She thinks that it would be obvious to everyone that we are dating if I followed her to her grad school. This summer she went to a bar and she was bragging to me how a guy told her he could make her squirt and then another guy later came up and kept kissing her cheek. She didn’t stop it or anything. But this has kind of put doubt in my mind that she might not stop someone if they are making sexual advances. Now that she is in school she is constantly going out and drinking with a bunch of people and she ignores me a lot when she’s out. Then the next day I’ll ask her how it was and she’s always so vague and doesn’t really tell me everything. It’s gotten to the point where she doesn’t even tell me she’s going out to drink until she’s already gone. I know I’m being very insecure and jealous but I don’t know what to do or how to handle my emotions. I hate how I’m treating her because the next day I’ll just be short and dry in our texts but I honestly can’t find it in me to act happy. I think I’m just upset because it feels like she won’t share things with me and also I just feel lonely since I really don’t have anyone but her. Which is also an issue because I rely so much on her but I know she has a life of her own. It’s also been bothering me because when we were going to school together she was constantly worrying about money and never wanting to go out. But now she’s spending all this money with a bunch of people she’s just barely met. I know it’s her choice but it feels like she just doesn’t want to spend money whenever she’s with me. Another thing that’s been on my mind is that whenever she and I hung out she is always on her phone texting people but now that she’s out drinking with these new people she can’t find time to text me. I don’t know what to do and I want to be better for her. So please help me figure out my insecurities.
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