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  1. I know, thank you. Just hurts when you’ve been told out of every partner that there has been. I’m the smallest.
  2. I know there is no real “normal size” but I am fully aware that I am slightly below average. (I don’t need to be told though) I think that’s what hurt the most. It reaffirmed the fact that I am small. It is a case of me just trying to see the best I guess. Even though it is clear now that this seems doomed to fail. I WILL speak to her, hopefully she won’t be too malicious when I tell her it’s over 😬
  3. You guys are right. To be honest, she has already slept with an old friend of mine recently (whilst drunk) who is renowned for being “well endowed.” She turns into a different person after a drink. I think I just provide stability for her, good job, house etc.. I guess I’m just an idiot. I think I have to speak to her and find someone who actually cares 😕 thanks for the help!!
  4. Thank you everyone for your replies! Long shot…. How do I get the comment out of my mind? And shift the feeling of inadequacy?
  5. Thanks! I do like her though, and for the most part we work great! This is literally the only issue in our relationship.(for me anyway). I don’t think she means to be mean, but I’m now constantly thinking about my size. I know it’s nothing special. But it can be challenging when she’s told me the size of her previous partners 😕
  6. Hello, I have been seeing a girl for a while and things seem ok. However, my penis size is below average. The foreplay is great, and the sex is mind blowing, but, when she gets a bit drunk, she tells me that my penis is the smallest she’s ever had. When we have penetrative sex, she wants “more” but I physically don’t have enough! She tells me she’s sorry the next day, but I feel very emasculated as I know some of the people she has had sex with in the past, which plays on my mind as I know that their “equipment” is bigger then mine. What do I do?
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