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  1. Hello all, I'm new on here and I really just want to vent as I feel nobody understands my pain and my fears except my father... I have a son from a previous long-term relationship with a toxic and manipulative woman. Long story short, following our separation, she voluntarily moved away with my son to over 4 hours drive away from where we lived and where I worked full-time, when we had verbally agreed that in case of separation we would both live close enough to each other for my son's well-being (and various options were available to do so but she refused). She is acting like the victim and painting me as an evil alcoholic who mis-treated her and my son (I have everything in place for the family court to prove the contrary - blood tests, testimonies... even her mother testified in my favour). And with these false accusations, she is trying to gain exclusive parental control and remove all my rights. And for the record, most of her family members and a few of her (now ex-) friends are now firmly on my side after understanding her behaviour and her real character. In addition to all that, she had been completely non-coperative with me, not responding or refusing 99% of my calls/messages or requests to receive news on how my son is doing, to receive photos/videos of him, and more importantly to go visit him. In 15 months I've seen him only 9 times in person - some meetings were as short as 30 minutes! I also give her monthly payments to finance the spendings for my son, it is even slightly above the 'required estimated minimum'. Fast-forward to today, I'm in a relationship with my new partner, who has two children from her previous relationships. Long story short, both of these fathers turned out to be complete a***holes and want nothing to do with their children. What is most difficult for me is that I'm in the middle of 3 children who are being unfairly deprived of a father figure - my son due to my ex's selfish behaviour and my partner's two children due to their fathers not being bothered. The more time I spend with my partner and her children, the more it is torturing me on the inside. I don't mind being the father figure for her children, but I would rather spend the time that I spend with her children with my son instead. There is one more thing, however. My partner have effectively removed the father from her first child's life. The father of her second child is also the legal father of her first child. She has done to the father of her first child what my ex is trying to do to me! Apart from all that, my relationship with my new partner is simply sensational. We get on well, we have virtually the same personalities, tastes, and views on life. We both feel we are the love of our lives. However, due to the above I'm scared to engage myself further into the relationship. Sorry for the long writing. What do you think?
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