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  1. I appreciate your reply and I agree with most things you've said, however, I did not start the argument nor introduce the topic, and I had no intention to end things. And I do have a tattoo, it just came up in the conversation we were having.
  2. I think you have allowed him too much access and too much control in your bid to make him feel more secure. I think you need to rethink this relationship and leave this guy. He is way too controlling, he even tells you what to wear and has access to cameras within your house, what more is he going to demand of you next? I think you need to leave while you still can because it seems like you are unhappy and also because he is exhibiting extremely worrying behavior I can tell you that this is how abusive relationships begin, get out now!
  3. It was going pretty well, we talked regularly although seeing each other had become a challenge in the past month, because of hectic schedules on both sides. We have had arguments before, but none as explosive as the recent one, and anytime we had communication breakdowns, we resolved it quite easily.
  4. I have to say, that your optimism and defiance in spite of all that has happened to you is really inspiring! I hope you find exactly what you are looking for, no matter how basic . Keep up that amazing spirit and don't let anyone get in the way of that. And I am truly sorry that this happened to you.
  5. Thank you for the reply, it's just really difficult for me to come to terms with it, because I really liked him.
  6. We argued about tattoos, he said people who have tattoos are not respectable people and I disagreed with that, because it just didn't make sense to me, to make such a statement. I then stated that I called bull*** on what he was saying and that was what he took affront to.
  7. Hi there, I don't think your boyfriend cares enough about you and what you're going through. It seems to me he is apathetic and not concerned enough about you especially as someone who has been in the hospital like you've been. I think you need to take some time apart from him and maybe go to your family, if you can where you can get the proper support and care you need with what you are going through. It seems I hope you get well soon and pull through. Strongs!
  8. Hi there, I think the fact that you keep on thinking about it tells you that you are not over it and are unlikely to get over it. Your boyfiend seems like a very manipulative person, what with his crocodile tears and all. I know you think,you are happy but are you really? Also, i think it would have been fine if he was sleeping with her before you two happened, but the fact that he kept on with it and lied about it tells me that he is not going to stop anytime soon. He will keep at it until you leave him, because he does not respect your presence in his life.
  9. I have been dating a guy for the past 4 months, we had an argument 2 weeks ago, it was a stupid argument and I lost my temper with him. Days passed and he did not call me, I did not call either because I was not felling well, I had Co-vid and could hardly speak, I texted him to let him know I wasn't feeling well and still he did not respond. 2 weeks passed and still I heard nothing from him. I finally called him and he was accusative over the things that I said during our argument and I got defensive, so the call ended without us resolving anything. Some more time passed without any communication but I felt a lot of regret over the whole thing, I apologized to him for losing my temper and he apologized as well. However I can't get over the fact that he never called me, to resolve things or to check on me when I was sick, he left it up to me to bridge the communication gap between us. That leads me to conclude that if I hadn't taken the first step or apologized first, things would have been left unresolved forever, which tells me that he doesn't care about me or the relationship we have. So my question is should I stay in the relationship or should I leave because I feel under-appreciated and undervalued? Or am I being irrational and unreasonable?
  10. Hi there, I think you should cut ties with Emily if she is as toxic as you say, and I also think that you are worrying over something that is completely out of your control. If Emily wanted to out you, she would have already. I don't think there is anything to confess to your boyfriend at this point because you have not done anything wrong. I also think that you need to work on your self-esteem, you are fearfully and wonderfully made, believe in yourself!
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