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  1. You're absolutely right, thank god we did not buy a property. I'm staying home until the parental time sharing and responsibility is signed. I will mention that to boyfriend item to my lawyer, thank you for your feedback.
  2. I would have preferred if she asked me to be a roommate and stay separated. Our sex life was still active despite our issues. 2 days ago, before I found out, she told me that she loved me and missed me, we had drinks in the kitchen which led us to having sex. Which only makes me feel more disgusted and devastated.
  3. Yes, this will be a learning process. Thank you for your message.
  4. Yes there is another room I'm sleeping in. I'm planning to take the girls to my parents house for the weekend. I have a call with the lawyer today. Thank you for your feedback.
  5. 5 years together, 4 years married, 2 daughters. Lots of issues along the way, never an easy ride. We are 100% incompatible, but our daughters and physical chemistry kept us together. We had been talking about divorce for a while but our apt lease is up for renewal and she asked if I wanted to stay and renew it. I thought it would be a great opportunity to try counseling (again). We both admitted to have feelings for each other. Last Saturday she returned from a work trip, very tired and slept the whole day. Didn't even say hello to our girls. She also did not communicate the night before and I found it suspicious. Today I checked her phone and found concrete evidence that she met a guy there and they partied. Lots of "you look beautiful, you're so handsome and can't wait to see you again" messages. I flipped out, confronted her and she kept denying cheating. I was flabbergasted to see her attitude, not an ounce of shame or guilt. On the other hand, I am shaking. I just emailed my lawyer to make the filing asap. I'm devastated. Can look at my girls without wanting to cry, while their mom just walks around with a deadpan face. My job is remote, so I'm 100% of the time at home, I also take care of the girls 90% of the time while she's out in the office. I have no idea how I'm going to tolerate the time between now and the day I can finally move out. Leaving is not an option since it would jeopardize my time with the girls. I feel like I'm going nuts, my job is demanding and the girls need attention and care. I don't know how I'm going to cope having to see her face for many weeks until the legal side is done and I arrange a place to leave. Can anyone advice please?
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