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  1. I totally I agree and Thankyou I needed that reminder . How do you feel on the topic of his family asking how his life is going and he doesn’t tell them I’m having heart complications?? All I know is if it were the other way around I would tell them if he was seriously struggling with his health. I’m not looking for pitty from them by any means I just feel all family deserves to know these things . What do you think?
  2. No kidding 🤦🏼‍♀️ I agree , and definitely needed that reminder . ❤️
  3. I hear this hahah that’s why I don’t want to make a mistake I don’t feel like anyone is perfect . But no he will still kiss me good bye , I actually got it from caring for him but he’s better now . I’m technically not supposed to be contagious anymore either . He has immunity for a bit . I feeling every other aspect is great I’ve never wanted to leave him . but this feeling of him not taking this serious feels really ***ty
  4. Healing is only down to me and the medical help I receive. I totally agree ,I have my friends and family by my side . I just don’t how I feel about keeping my bfs serious medical issues secret. I’m not looking for pitty or cards , I’m chronically ill . I’ve gone down the road of feeling sorry for myself I’m past that . All I know for sure is if my family asked ME “how is life going ?” I would %100 tell them if my partner of years who I live with that they are having heart complications.
  5. Thankyou for your input , so you wouldn’t want your partner to tell his family if you are in and out of the emergency room with heart complications with a deadly disease?
  6. Thankyou @Boltnrun I’m happy to hear you have recovered. I got covid caring for him while he was sick. So he has natural immunity. That’s kind of where I’m at we just seem so perfect for each other in so many other ways, he’s my best friend . But I fear down the road when I need that emotional and physical support , he may not provide what I need . What really gets me is why isn’t he telling his family when they ask how things are going . How is he able to stay silent when I’m expressing fear
  7. I have had covid since the 21st I’ve been in and out of the emergency room 4 times for difficulty breathing and heart complications etc.. I am now on a heart monitor and I feel like I’m not getting the support I need from my BF of 3yrs who I live with . I will be struggling for breath in the bathroom to find he’s then just passed out like he doesn’t care and when his family asks him how’s life going the only thing he mentions about me is “she’s not feeling well” I’ll be home expressing fear of death and he won’t say one word . I don’t care if he’s not good with words he could at least hold my hand . And he has complained or just deny my request to simply go to the store for me .. idk I’ve never felt this way about a partner . I have severe endometriosis that puts me out 3 days a month and I guess I’m just so independent during that time I didn’t notice lack of support . As well I have started to realize when I bring up my feelings he will literally with ignore it like I mean not one word, or he will say I don’t know what you want me to say.
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