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  1. Talked to this girl on tinder everyday for a month before we went on our first date. After date 3 she said she had a really good time and was looking forward to seeing me again. During the 3rd date she was talking about an activity that happens in winter that we should both go too so in my head I’m assuming this is going well and it has the potential to go somewhere. That week I noticed the texts slowly started to dry up day by day and by the end of it I got a reply after a day (I know a day isn’t that bad but when you like someone and you usually talk like 20-30 messages a day and then you see it slowly go down you start to question it). So I sent her a funny video about a topic we were talking about on our last date and it was left on delivered for a day again. At that point I deleted her but regretted it and FaceTimed her not the best thing to do especially when drunk. We talked on WhatsApp as well but her last message wasn’t replyable so I just ignored it. Need some advice on whether I should save it or not.
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