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  1. I mean I guess moving 3000 miles away and hardly seeing your child and cheating while staying married to his mother doesn’t make him amazing but he could just be scarred by abuse from his wife and trying to find his way . I just want him back but he’s so angry at me for telling his wife he was taking their son to a party w another woman.
  2. The only way I can feel good about myself is if he’s actually trash and doesn’t treat the other women better than me. Which I guess is true since I have proof he’s been asking to see me and sexting me right alongside them? Once he posted a photo of his wife and son a day after sleeping with me so how much better could he think of any of these other women? And he left his child and moved 3000 miles away for no reason so maybe he is garbage to everyone?
  3. Truly, If I believed he’d never be more than lying, cheating scum then I’d let go. I thought that his wife’s total apathetic reaction would make me realize he’s no prize and frankly this has happened many times before (bc she didn’t seem the least bit shocked, said he was playing with me ALSO). But then I started obsessing that he might treat this other woman totally differently. But don’t I have proof that she’s no better because even a few days ago he was still sexting me and asking me for sex at same time?
  4. What do you make of the fact that he was making plans to have sex with me and asking for sexy photos at the exact same time he’s allegedly hanging out w this other woman? Does it indicate she’s not that special and I have something she doesn’t?
  5. I’m essentially just interested in finding out how I can get him to respect me more and commit to me. I did tell him I was only willing to become sexual w him If he started the separation and divorce process. Which he lied to me about. I thought I expressed many times how much I love him but ye just keeps saying he doesn’t want anyone’s love and only wants to be free. Yet also says he’s staying married
  6. I want him to love and respect me. He spent so much time talking to me and seeing me even though yes there was a lot of sex. It’s just that he always kept me hidden. I don’t want everything we had to be gone just bc I got upset over him spending his vacation seeing another woman not me
  7. So it isn’t because I’m not good enough? He won’t treat this other woman better? I’m guessing not if he won’t post anything public w her either and has told me he’s remaining married
  8. Immediate. I mean he used to text me Constantly and yes a lot of the conversations were sexual Almost from the beginnin but we were friends too. And our sex was off the charts. But then he freaked out after he’d been away for months visiting his family and finally came back and the first weekend back, told me he was going to a work conference w his friend, didn’t invite me along, when I expressed disappointment he said how he could only do casual and can’t have commitment, a relationship, or to answer to anyone. Needs his freedom at all times. I don’t know how I could ever get stability from someone like that when he was so unstable he left his own kid far away
  9. Okay. I will do so. I do think I can find much better as in someone who doesn’t hide me from everyone, shows me affection instead of starting a sexual encounter by coldly saying “why don’t you (do this) to me,” is present to help with daily life (he never even opens the door for stroller when I have my daughter). But I am so turned on and drawn to the excitement of the ups/downs, feeling like he’s so aloof (as all our coworkers would say) and cares so little about anyone that any affection he showS me really means I’m special. I can’t get bored with him like I did w my ex husband who looked good on paper but was totally sexually inhibited, only wanted to talk about work (and threatened to divorce me if I suggested we talk about other things or criticized his business ideas at all). The worst feeling to me is boredom, emptiness, being trapped. I felt like if I were good enough and strong enough (to relax and not question this guy when he’s with his wife or other women) then he’d stay with me
  10. So he risked that just to take his kid to that other woman’s party (the message I showed his wife that upset her)… or perhaps he didn’t do that at all? Maybe stuff w her is All elaborate lies in his head constructed to upset me. I mean, it is odd to only post about her on a fake social media account that he knows I have and no one real in his life then take it down when I directed his real family Tonit
  11. Well he would go out for meals with me and always pay, it wasn’t like he was only coming over for sex. He would agree to have my very young child around (though I did find him kind of weirdly cold w her, like would never smile at her or interact normally). We would talk a lot. But it really started to hurt that he insisted upon keeping me a secret to the world- I posted a nice, professional, and deserving statement about him when we worked at the same firm and he responded like he barely knew me, like “I am currently on vacation” when he knew I knew just where he was. So I don’t know why I am such trash he had to hide whereby (although only on a fake account that he knew I knew about and not his family) he could post photos of some other wOman
  12. If so then why did he tell me he wouldn’t be able to see his son after she saw a photo posted publicly of us? Why would he refuse to even go to a work event together when we were coming from same place? Why would he refuse to meet my family even though we’d just been on. Vacation together? Like I said she did seem upset about the message I showed her where her hubby was taking their kid to another woman’s party
  13. No one said he’s sleeping w another. In fact throughout our time together he’d often abruptly withdraw sex, said he felt guilty religiously since it wasn’t w his wife or that he just doesn’t want to be controlled by or need sex. Would just announce to me randomly I wouldn’t be getting it for a few months. BUT then many other periods he’d all but walk in, say hello, then abruptly say “why don’t you (go down on me) now.” Never a kiss, warm greeting, cuddle, hand held. Just a cold sudden suggestion that I should do something sexual for him. It was always that way and when I called him out he said well he hates emotion during sex and is a sociopath. So is this person really so magically different w this other woman w whom he claims to be hanging out? And again given this was a fake hidden account only I happened to know, and he took her photo down once his family was told , I think it was all to get back at me for dating other people and going out that night not falling for his garbage
  14. He didn’t post anything about this woman on his real Social media. It’s an account w a fake name on a platform and he only knows of me knowing it. No one else from his real life even is a follower. And I wonder if these photos/videos of her are even ones she took with him/sent him. He might be fabricating the whole thing just to make me jealous. When it was brought to the attention of his family he took the whole thing down, not “ok tough luck this is my new woman.” I don’t think he’ll ever be free to have a public woman other than his wife. He’s told me himself he’s staying married and it’s what’s best for the kids
  15. Meddler is fair. I just thought she had the right to see messages proving that while she thought her hubs was just hanging out with their son (and they’re still playing happy married family), he was actually taking the child to some other mistress’s party!
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