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  1. Thank you. That is lots of food for thought. I've been so patient, yet still willing to try new ideas. Appreciated
  2. Thank you for the feedback. I've never spoken about it to anyone but my wife, but clearly that's not getting me anywhere but bitter with her. It feels like a complete betrayal of my feelings. I've never allowed anyone, including her own son, treat her poorly. It's Instinctual. This is a lonely experience at best.
  3. Reality can be such a bitter pill to swallow. It's eye opening.
  4. It breaks my heart. She says she is trying and she hears me but zero changes happen. No effort.
  5. Not an option. Father bailed out 6 years ago specifying no interest in involvement. He's at an age where he can live independently, but that isn't going to happen when he doesn't work.
  6. Thank you Adrianna. I've poured my heart out to her and it's gone nowhere. I appreciate your feedback. This is my first attempt taking about it outside of my relationship.
  7. My wife continually allows her 19 year old son to treat me with disrepect, he is disrespectful, lies, and spends about 95% of his time playing video games. He hasn't looked for work, zero motivation to take any initiative or responsibility. My wife doesn't take any measures to help. The worst is that she placates her son, doesn't acknowledge his poor behavior towards me and its been years worth of struggle that is causing me to have massive resentment and want out of this relationship. I need help desperately.
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