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  1. Nightmares feel so intense and powerful. They can make it really hard for people to sleep well. Like me, most people have nightmares occasionally. These are called idiopathic nightmares. However, 9 out of 10 people with PTSD have recurrent distressing nightmares that interfere with their ability to function. And sleep avoidance and sleep deprivation can lead to more intense nightmares. This is the awful cycle of PTSD: the more you try to escape it, the worse it gets. But there is a way out. And some researchers have found that treating nightmares helps accelerate the other aspects of the PTSD healing process. In this video you will learn one reason why nightmares could be a good thing and 9 ways you can treat nightmares, process through them, and get them to stop. One of those skills is called the imagery rehearsal technique, an evidence-based treatment for nightmares that you can do at home.
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