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  1. I never stated in this post how i was unhappy with him some of y’all are reaching. I just asked what was the problem with reaching out for help
  2. I think you’re right about the first bit but why does it matter who changed it ?
  3. He couldn’t get the bolts out of the rim and he even asked if my dad could bring equipment to help
  4. He already gave me the okay to call my dad so why did i need to check in with him with a strange r
  5. We have only been dating a month this is the first time. I’ve never been in a situation where someone offered to help with my car so i let him go for it
  6. Well he was okay with my dad coming he just wanted my dad to bring a better jack so that he could change it
  7. He couldn’t get the nuts out after trying and i offered to call my dad … that’s when he said okay but if he brings better equipment i can change it so even he was okay with me calling my dad
  8. Why are they mad that we asks others for help? Nothing is wrong with a helping hand
  9. Because he even asked to get my dad to bring tools so he could change it so obviously he know he needed help
  10. I have road side assistance he just offered to change it as soon as we realized it was a flat
  11. I’m 25 he’s 21. It’s my car i lay the note and maintenance on it
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