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  1. That's a very important point. It's one thing changing and another sticking to it. Depending on how far people take it this could range from anything from getting a few extra muscles to a full blown personality change.
  2. My point i think is that some people don't know they're being abused/taken advantage of and then get dumped when "someone else" better comes along. You could do loads of work improving yourself and think its this new improvement that's won the ex back. BUT it might just be the rebound didn't work out this time and it was easier to take the old one back until the next one comes along. Especially if the old flame is willing to pay bills and pay for holidays etc.
  3. I was just venting. You can make all the improvements in the world and get them back. Ive done it. But then you might realise the other person hadn't done any work at all and was still exactly the same as before. I'm not saying that i don't agree with Self Improvement (i do) but I think there's a serious flaw in the plan when it's done to get the ex back in certain situations. It's easy to believe it's "all your fault", but sometimes maybe it isn't..
  4. exactly the point i tried to make on a thread earlier today
  5. Hi folks I've read a lot of "experts" advise to "be the best version of yourself" to make "an ex miss you." Just remember you can do all of the work and improve every single thing about yourself- but ask yourself have they? If they haven't or even accepted any blame at all don't bother. Do it for yourself but not for them Imagine someone who has been manipulated in a relationship until the dumper became bored/got other interest and ended it. The Dumper fails in rebound/s as nobody else will put up with their controlling behavior. When no options are left. Then it's "Come back the Prince/Princess of Doormats all is forgiven!" The All New Improved Doormat who is now even more sorry and scared to leave than last time is back.
  6. Hi Wiseman lived together, no kids, just gradual drifting apart. Ive been on my own for over 6 months now and was ok until the news landed. I'm trying to be happy for them but inside im dying.
  7. Hi there. Long term relationship (14 yrs) ended amicably at the beginning of the year. Still kept in contact. Noticed a change recently in frequency of contact (not much) and then very short replies and i suspected a new guy which was confirmed. I actually new before the answer was fully typed as it was taking so long to answer.... Just immediately felt sick, upset, empty, bit scared So I was ok before then and in the back of my head was readying myself for this as i thought its only a matter of time. Since knowing about NewGuy my world feels like its fallen apart. I've suffered with bad post break up anxiety before and i don't know how to stop it. Anyone have any advice? Thank you.
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