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  1. I got masculine energy what's that mean🍸 I guess gay means if boy attract to a boy If I get attract to a girl then I might be straight or lesbian as my gender has a question mark πŸ€”
  2. Yes I also used to think the same I am just a girl with short hair , but sometimes I really feel frustrated to have this body , and sometimes I don't ,... I better
  3. From childhood I have doubt in my gender , at first I thought it's temporary , I have always treated like a boy thanks to my dad , I won't blame him but he was the reason I have a question mark infront of my gender , forcing me to address my gender as a boy and think like a boy , I think he wanted me to be more confident but it just made things worse Now I am stuck in between being a girl and a boy , I have no interest in girly things and act like a girl ,at first I thought I am just a Tom boy but this desire of changing my gender end me up in several depressing episodes , I recently cut my hair and I liked it . But here is the thing I like boys ! If I am a boy am I gay,now I just adresse myself as gender fluid but no desire of being girl , and my pronounce are he/her . Am I gay or straight What to do next πŸ˜žπŸ’”
  4. I have been trying to do it for years , he just getting on and off , it's make me so stupid I have lost so many years over him thanks for your answer,I hope it will help
  5. Yep, I tried to talk to him he just looked at me and looked away with a jurky face, it's not worth giving him years of time I have been trying for months....
  6. I had a crush on a boy for over years till now We first met at kindergarten He never showed affection to me, neither I did on the love side But I always feel nice to be around him, his aura attracts me so much Soon this attraction converted into the crush In my freshman years, we became really close he used to talk to me a lot, he always respects me and admits if he did anything wrong So am I I always tried to keep on his level (not to mention he is born genius and a cold and silent guy) I tried every excuse to get closer to him But recently he is ignoring totally He stopped talking to me and always put on a cold face whenever he sees me, I tried everything to get him back I am sure he doesn't know I like him yet After getting in lots of trouble I once broke down in public he just looked at me and put on a jurky smile and looked away He stopped being nice to me and started to treat me like I don't exist I don't know why he suddenly started hating me Not to mention I got into a love triangle, but it has nothing to do with me , it is clear now I don't wanna talk about that cus it's already embarrassing to me Did he get bored of me? I am feeling like used I always treat him the nicest way possible even I have short temper, I don't want to confess first, I just want to be like before am I too shellfish? I am confused He nowadays even avoid crossing paths with me, and not even talking, one day he looked at me and change his path immediately I feel ***ing troublesome Am I that habitable?
  7. I don't know he doesn't get close to other girls often, I haven't seen him having girls friend for years πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ He is more into shy and introverted type
  8. I don't get it, I never treated him badly, I am not playing any games, the scandal between the other guy I wasn't even in there, he was my friend's boyfriend, that was a bad joke that spread all around and I tried my very best to stop it πŸ€• I never pushed him away maybe I was never in there
  9. Yep, I think also the same, there is a rumour about me and another boy but it's clear now, I really don't wanna cause trouble πŸ•³
  10. I had a crush on a boy in school for over 5 years 1 year ago he suddenly starts giving me attention, he tried to approach me he one day started at me close when I was napping , he used to go to the library with me and tried to sit close to me, and talked to me in many topics, but suddenly he started avoiding me even he tries not to cross path with me, I am confident, he didn't find out I have a crush on him, but I have into lots of trouble, lately is that why? Does he think I am troublesome πŸ™‚πŸ•³
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