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  1. My husband is always severely disappointed in my because I can't meet his expectations sexually he's a recovering porn addict We have drastically different beliefs on what a healthy sex life in a marriage is supposed to be And I have really bad shoulder and neck problems .. I'm waiting for a real diagnosis but it looks like a mixture of pulled or torn muscles definitely arthritis and possibly a disk problem in my neck My husband still needs to get off every day like he's a teenager and He's 34 I don't agree with masterbation in a marriage so the full responsibility of his sexual satisfaction falls on me But he mostly wants oral sex.... Every single day I keep trying to tell him he take doesn't need to get off every single day I've told him how much pain I'm in He hates as constantly adjusting himself trying to find a better position for me to take care of his needs in It hurts almost no matter what position im in I'm sick of doing it We're both sick of fighting over it If I don't do it well enough for enough days in a row he will just masterbate behind my back which I refuse to live with I don't know what I'm supposed to do or how I'm supposed to help him see good expectations are unrealistic
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