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  1. Me and my friends do have party plans, but I’m just struggling on costume ideas.
  2. Let's just say that I have multiple options on the table.
  3. I have this co-worker whom I've been crushing on and I've been trying to ask her out, but today I heard something that's been living in my head rent-free for the past few hours. Me, this girl, and one of our managers were working over in the Halloween section of our store and my manager asked this girl if she was dressing up for Halloween. I couldn't quite make out what my crush said, but then my manager asked if she was doing a couples costume, which I interpreted as her and a significant other doing a costume pairing together. Here's a little excerpt of the conversation: Manager: "So are you dressing up for Halloween?" Crush: (Indistinct) Manager: "So are you doing a couples costume?" Crush: "No, why?" Manager: "I only asked because my two sons like to dress up and do costumes together." That's the basic gist of what I heard. When I hear "couples costume" I think of people dating and wearing a matching costume together, but I think that my manager might've been referring to my crush and her sister. I know for a fact that my crush and her sister rent an apartment together. My crush's Facebook still says that she's single and she appears to be fairly active on FB. So what do you think? I've never heard the term "couples costume" used in reference to siblings dressing up together and I'm thinking that maybe the case with my crush and her sister. I'm worried that her "couples costume" might be in reference to her and a significant other. What do you think?
  4. What do YOU care? According to you, I just shouldn't be asking anyone out at all, seeing as how I'm not allowed to ask out-coworkers or classmates.
  5. Honestly, I have no clue. There’s a second girl in the mix who I also would like to ask out and now I feel like I don’t know who to ask out first.
  6. Be 100% honest with me right now. Do YOU find anything wrong with a 26 year old dating a 19 year old?
  7. Is she, though? She's not even allowed to drink.
  8. This is a much more delicate situation. We’re talking about the blurred line that is age and age gaps. We’re talking about the potential for people to view me as some type of pedophile or child predator.
  9. So then how do we proceed if she says yes? What will we do if society isn’t ready to accept us?
  10. Why only let her make the decision? Don’t I have some say?
  11. Are you kidding me? First I’m not allowed to date co-workers, now I’m not allowed to date a classmate? I’m starting to think that, for whatever reason, you just don’t want me dating at all.
  12. I don’t have a problem with how she acts. I just have to keep in mind what other people would think. I know people who would understandably take pause when hearing about a guy in his mid-twenties dating someone who’s effectively still a teenager.
  13. We're in a college class together. I like to think that we know each other fairly decently. We talk every day that we have this class together and at the very least, I think we're good friends.
  14. So I'll just keep things brief and get to the point: I've recently met this girl that I really like, but I just learned that she's only 19 years old. That honestly seems problematic to me, a 25 year old who's 26th birthday is less than a month away. I'm not so much concerned about the actual age gap as I am the differing ages themselves. I believe that a 7 year age gap isn't too much of a problem depending on the actual ages, (34 and 27 years old, for example, doesn't seem bad to me) but 26 and 19 does understandably come off as a bit eyebrow-raising, in my opinion. What do you think?
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