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  1. Oh gezz You act like I view this other female... Ops I meant lady/girl/miss/ma’am/her/she or whatever pronoun pleases you lady... as a bad person. For all I know she’s probably an awesome chick but my main issue is with his ass not her. You act like I’m bashing her and think the worst of her (which I don’t) so please calm your ***. And I know I’m very insecure in the relationship. If he didn’t cheat on me with an ex coworker then I wouldn’t have such trust issues with him.
  2. So my fiancé started a new job as a car salesman. He has a female mentor that trains him and I saw that she drew a few smiley face on his notes. I’m just put off by it because he has a history of just being too nice and becomes their “life therapist “ I wanna drop it and let it go but at the same time I don’t like the idea of him getting too comfortable with females. what do y’all think? Am I just being insecure?
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