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  1. Hi guys need your advice please...my neighbours upstairs are talking about me and spreading rumours to others in the complex...maybe they jealous that I stay alone and upstairs they are 4 of them living there lol...what should I do as I'm getting pretty pissed off...they dont mind their own buisness and want me out....what should I do....thanks for your feedback
  2. Dating for 6 months....everyday there is a problem I understand when she is at work but sometimes I will send a msg then takes ages to go through then will call her and she will say her data was off by mistake always an excuse
  3. Hi everyone would like your opinion plz...my girlfriend has an issue with her phone almost everyday,I do realize the area where she lives hasn't got the greatest reception but even when she just at home my WhatsApp's to her take ages to go through...I know I should just let it go but I get anxious when she isn't reachable like this morning she told me she forgot to charge her phone and it died...while on the way to work....everyday is a different excuse...I love her and trust her but sometimes my suspicions get the better of me...I've never met anyone who is so difficult to get hold of....thank you everyone
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