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  1. She is just talking when they txt her not else that, I am thankful your advice I will consider it. Can you advise me something be a sign to know how she committed of me, please?
  2. For the first time I talk with her I never mean to be a relationship in long distance in particular online I am just installed app at once time and found her front of me i liked the profile and she do the same we talked and moved insta then WhatsApp, after few talking on WhatsApp “video call” I am feeling comfort to talk with her bout everything in my life and she do the same and everything goes fast but it’s good time.. I told my parents bout her and they refused for a while but they accept if this my choice, I am choosing her because I am comfort with her even stay here with me or move to anywhere to be with her! I appreciate her feelings and accept me as I am.. I am here just for knowing if it’s fair for me to feel upset about she is doing? That’s it..
  3. She is older than me and graduated, but I am still in college, and I am finding uni where she is located, and I would move to there, and she helped me make contact with uni there. I am doing my best to be with her. We mostly talked together when accessible, and I appreciate it, but she is somewhat curious bout others, and I am ok with it. She sends me a screenshot of someone stranger's texts her, but she told me I am jealous of nothing. Still, I never ask her to send anything.. from the side, I stopped to talk with my ex-girlfriend.. and other girls and give her access to my social media accounts because I don’t want to hide anything from her. I know we don’t meet in person yet, but I am comfortable with her because she can understand me well.. but I can’t feel good when guys online friends from dating apps are still talking with her because they’re coming from dating apps! And I don’t want to judge her or ruin our relationship. I hope you understand me.. and I don’t want to make her feel bad if I push her to make something. I make a lot of effort to prepare myself to be with her. I don’t like to say it, but I can’t imagine if she is not committing as me. I am sorry bout bothered you..
  4. But she is encouraging me to take steps and be with her that’s why I think she is serious and honest with me.. but I couldn’t be comfort with the attitude to talk with guys she knows them from dating moments and she say always she comfort with me and want be with me forever
  5. I meet her online too. I am just comforted to talk with her more than local girls. And I love her.. that’s why I am with her and committed to moving to be with her this year and ask about our relationship here because i think some people can advise me! Whatever she is caring as she can even we’re in a long-distance relationship. Still, I am worried if she moves away from me; I hope you understand that…
  6. We’re 5months, and she said they’re just online friends, “guys,” but you know they’re coming from dating sites. Also, I know how guys will think bout girls talk to them. I am ok to speak to online friends but not these guys “from dating websites” before on her social accounts because I don’t want to say no to her because I trust Her. I don’t want to make her feel bad, but at the same time, I am worrying if I am not enough for her and she is still discovering her feelings.
  7. Not yet But I committed to do after finishing my coursework this year. Also I am planning to move to study abroad to be with her.
  8. Hi, I have a question if my girlfriend talk to other guys she knows them before me when she got dating app and she add them on her social media accounts such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc! I am completely okay with guys Real friends she knows but they’re mostly from different Countries and cultures. we’re on long distance relationship and also I know her from dating site but I already closed my account and she too as she told me but she still received a messages from strangers also today she said is it ok to talk her online friends from dating sites before and i before disagreeing about that and she says ok but when she said it today I say ok but I am not feeling good because she already know how I our relationship and she should appreciate it too because we had fights before when she accepting random messages from strangers. I am planing to move and be with her and I do a lot of efforts to make it happen soon but I am still worrying if she not make Sure of me. I ask to know is that normal because I don't want to overreact, but I don't feel good!
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