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  1. Yea that's what I was wondering, how long after a dose increase. I asked my doctor and am waiting on a reply.
  2. At the time of starting this post it was on a saturday and my drs office was closed and it takes them time to get back to me when i send them messages. I did send one today asking about the medication. I'm just waiting for a reply.
  3. No I'm asking how long it should take to work. I'm curious about other people's experiences. I understand everyone is different.
  4. So I just started the 40mg, I'm on day 6. So should I give the 40mg about 5-6 weeks to see if the increase dose works? I don't have a psychiatrist yet, just a therapist and a regular doctor. I plan to go see one if things don't improve soon but finding one that takes my insurance and can get me in fast will be a challenge.
  5. Thanks. I've just been so tired of feeling this way and am so impatient with myself. I worry that my meds will never work , that its taking too long, that I'll make an impulsive decision that I might regret later.
  6. So I have generalized anxiety disorder. I've been off and on meds since I was 11. I'm 29 now. I was on prozac for 5 years and it worked great and I've been able to have a normal life. I thought I didn't need it anymore so I slowly tapered off and its been maybe 8 months to a year. Then some things in my life happened and the panic attacks and depression came back. So I started taking my prozac again back in July. They were a year old so Idk if they were even effective but I got my dr to get me a new prescription and it took like a week for me to start taking the new ones. I waited about 4 weeks and decided to increase my dose to 40mg (which I was on before) and I started feeling better. However my anxiety hasn't completely went away and I still have moments of depression. I've been on the 40mg now for like 6 days. I'm just wondering how much time I should give it before I decide its not gonna work and try something else. If I was on Prozac before and it worked in the past, it should still work now, right?
  7. Thank you for your kind words. I do hope she still gets to live a long happy life. I intend to visit as often as I can and I have made a plan that if nothing else helps I'll have an extended stay. I decided I won't move unless its my absolute last resort and I've tried everything I can to make things work better for me here. I will definitely consider the Buspirone if the Prozac doesn't seem to help by the end of the year.
  8. to catfeeder, i was off prozac maybe 6 months to a year. I dont really remember exactly when I stopped. We've always wanted to get married and spend our life together. I use to be so excited about our future, I just think I'm having a hard time right now. I just think my anxiety and depression has me feeling disconnected and like everything is strange. I think im projecting how i feel now into the future and thinking.. 'im always gonna be anxious, im always gonna be depressed, ' its like i cant imagine a happy future because im not happy in the moment. if that makes sense. All I know is , I've had the urge to move back home when I've been really upset/anxious/ homesick.. like being a little kid again at a sleep over. I think if i moved back I would feel better for a little while but then all my old problems surface and I would eventually regret it and want to be with my boyfriend again. Its just been hard getting through my days bc all i can think about is my family and how much i miss them. i really hope visiting them will help and my meds start working soon.
  9. I started seeing a therapist recently, he thinks if I try to make new friends and meet new people I would feel more at home here again. I'm going to try to visit my family more often but with covid it just hasn't happened yet. My boyfriend won't move because he loves it here so much and his family, friends, and places he loves are here. I have a job that I like, but my schedule and my boyfriend's schedules dont line up so we don't get to spend as much time together. I am home alone until my shift starts in the afternoon. My boyfriend is great and supportive and doing the best he can. It's just hard for me to get through these long days alone knowing its going to be weeks before I can see my family again. My emotions are so high and my anxiety hasn't really stopped. I know deep down if I moved back I would miss my boyfriend and probably want to move back, but at the same time, I can't help wondering if I want to stay here my whole life. I use to want to. Idk if I still do or not.
  10. So I was in this long distance relationship with a guy named Collin for about 9 years. We met as young teenagers on an online game. We became friends through facebook and then later started talking through video chatting. We fell in love and made an effort to start a relationship. After a few years he came to visit me and met my family and then later as an adult I spent a week in Michigan to meet his family and spend time with him. We always wanted to be together and we made that happen. I've been living with him in Michigan for three years now. I never once got that homesick. I love my parents and family but I was mostly miserable living with them and in the town that I came from. There were very little job opportunities and colleges, no one ever had any money and I was always supporting my family financially. I knew it would never change so making the move to michigan was easy. I still missed them time from time but not enough to make me have a breakdown. I've always had some anxiety problems growing up and Ive been on prozac for about 5 years. I was on them when I moved here and I think that helped me get use to move quicker. I was excited and happy and never questioned my decision. However, I recently had a problem with panic attacks coming back. It started when I skipped my sugarpill week on my birthcontrol. I think it threw my hormones out of balance. Then I had a dental problem that caused anxiety. Then our car was having problems and that caused anxiety. Then my mother was diagnosed with liver disease and that's when things got really bad because I thought she might die. Luckily its early-stage and she can treat it and she can keep it from progressing and live a long-ish healthy life. But it still brought up fears of my family members eventually dying, me getting older, afraid my boyfriend would die and I'd be alone. Afraid of having kids or not having kids. I'm about to turn 29 so the pressure is on. All of this anxiety has led to depression and feeling hopeless and it makes me feel like I might be unhappy where I live now, even though, for the past few years I've been very happy and haven't once thought about moving back to my hometown. I've become very homesick, thought and keep wishing I could see my parents. I plan to visit them next month and I'm hoping it will help. I guess my question is.. Am I really unhappy or am I just going through a hard time and 'feel' unhappy" I know I'm depressed and having anxiety. Do you think moving back to my hometown is what I really need/want" Is this just a phase" This has been going on for about a month and I just started taking my prozac again. It's only been in my system for about 4weeks. I dont want to make any rash decision that will impact not only my life but my family and my boyfriend. He refuses to move back with me. So If I move back it will be the end of our relationship. I think I want to make this work and stay with him but I don't know how long these feelings are going to last or if they'll get worse or better.
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