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  1. i know it’s unhealthy but just for now i am dealing with it by the hope she’ll come back
  2. i took the plunge just did it on the phone told her i loved her and to come back if she wants but i’ll also see other people
  3. so she has agreed to come to my house on sunday to talk i think we both know what it is about
  4. i think it's extremely unlikely as well that she will come back to be honest i'm just trying to be realistic. this has caused so much damage to our relationship i think it would be so hard to build it back up to the trust we had at one point before
  5. feel like i'm stuck in a dumb situation. i text her but i never say i miss her or am looking forward to seeing her and definetely don't say how crazy in love with her i am at least for the last 2-3 weeks now since she started acting cold. i generally do wait for her to contact me first now and she texts now in a very platonic way. Absolutely i don't expect her to change her mind now but i want to leave a good last impresssion on her of saying i love her and want the best for her, give her a kiss and say goodbye and contact me back if she wants to otherwise we part our ways but i want a really good ending for her and me to remember if this is it, not just a short phone call saying i cant go on. i know this probably sounds really gratuitous and silly but this is what i want. i had break ups before over text but that was honestly when i was pulling away and the girl broke up with me over text and as i was the one pulling away and thinking about breaking up first it didn't bother me as much. i'm in an annoying situation where we agreed not to meet for 2 weeks and i really want to say goodbye in person so just really stressed with the waiting. i do really appreciate this of course and i was a strong confident person before this relationship and know i can be the same again in not too long a time and get back to it this has just really knocked me and made me question what i do as a boyfriend and in a realtionship and if i should do anything to prevent a pattern emerging as i want a committed and loving relationship with a woman who wants me as much as i want her
  6. Oh she has already seen the posts so it won't make any difference in getting her back but I suppose just being 'proud' or 'not ashamed' of my past by going and editing it are my thoughts against deleting the posts
  7. Also quick question if I may, I've never been an instagrammer but I was so in love with this woman that i posted twice with her to show to her how much I loved her and my committment. I now realise this will look and possibly may make future partners uncomfortable that i posted with her and said it has been the best time of my life. I have now started to post more things that i've done by myself since to show my life isn't completely revolving around her if outsiders look on. what are thoughts on deleting these posts or at least editing the text to get rid of it? my soon to be ex always told me she never deleted posts so there are old posts of her ex on her IG and there are obviously 4-5 recent posts with me that she has posted over the last 6-7 months
  8. I think we both spent a little less time with family and friends but we actually went to see family and friends together and most of our hobbies such as running, weight lifting, reading, cooking, tv/film, exploring new places we had in common so we did them all together. i am arranging to meet as many friends as i can now and family for as good a support network as i can muster during this time Absolutely i am sure you are right my feeling that have built up over the last 6 months are completely clouding the way i am thinking now and i completely understand i am very emotional and get upset at the drop of a hat currently so her acting snotty towards me does little to put me off in this moment but i hope you are right and when i meet someone more mature i will appreicate this
  9. I really had no problem with dating someone bisexual to me if they are committed to me in a monogamous relationship and don't feel the need to explore as i had believed was the case with my soon to be ex, then it is not much different than a straight woman except they may say a girl is 'hot' in a movie or something which doesn't bother me. i suppose it's the concern as has happened here that they question themselves if they want to be with a woman but if the woman i am with really believes and wants to be with me it's no problem
  10. Thank you so much for your support. i think just the suddenness really has hit me so hard. I've had break ups in the past where the relationship clearly went gradually downhill for a few weeks/months so the end was expected and clearly it was upsetting but i understood that we had been backing away and things had been gradually getting worse; but with this we were so happy (or i thought so and she seemed to be too) and literally the next week she was crying, confused and thought the relationship wasn't right anymore with no obvious significant trigger. Apologies if I keep repeating myself again and again. At the moment i am still texting her i don't want to break up over text or phone/video chat and we are in a fairly long distance relationship (2 hours by car) and have agreed to meet weekend after next. she still texts everyday occasionally but the sweet words and 'x's' are now non existant obviously. I don't know if I should just call her sooner and end things or wait and do it in person.
  11. i just really let myself believe she was the one and she seemed to believe it too which makes it more the harder when she suddenly 'snaps out of it' and i haven't
  12. You're right of course that's what she wants now. I'm just going to find it hard to trust a partner again but maybe it's a bit better to be more reserved when falling for someone to be more aware of these red flags
  13. probably doesn't make much difference clairfying that now anyway
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