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  1. Do you make a good first impression? Like it or not, people judge you when they first meet you. It’s human nature. We all do it, and there’s a psychological reason why. Our brains are wired for self-protection. We pay attention to appearance, body language, voice, speaking style, and other details to determine whether someone seems trustworthy or not.
  2. You may be familiar with the classic burnout symptoms, specifically, being tired and mentally and emotionally exhausted. But there are more subtle signs of burnout that are easy to overlook. When it comes to prolonged exposure to stress and pressure, you need to understand that we all have a limit. That said, long before you know it, your body and mind will begin to send you tiny nudges which indicate that you are burning out. Your emotional and mental health is important, so you better pay attention before you push yourself too far – which can worsen conditions such as depression, irritability, and anxiety.
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