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  1. Hi everyone, Two months ago I met this guy on tinder, and we hit it off really well. I am working abroad for the season and he lives here. We both still had some issues, I was still in love with a guy that rejected me and he was still not over his ex that dumped him overnight 1,5 year ago. So we decided to keep it casual. These two months have been wonderful. I spend all my free time with him and also went on a few trips together through the country. If we hadn't met under these circumstances I would have definitely fallen in love with him. This week he sends me a text saying that he doesn't want to sleep together anymore and wants to go back to being platonic friends. His reason is that I remind him to much of his ex, I am also from the same country that she is, I work for the same company as she did and we both met eachother on tinder. I have a hard time dealing with this. It feels unfair. I really want to have a relationship with someone special to me. I know that in my current situation it hard to find a stable relationship, so I was pretty happy with our set up. I've also always thought if I really would fall for someone, I wouldn't have any problem settling there and learning the local language. This is something that he knows aswell. Right now I really don't want to go back to being friends. We argued about this a lot in the last few days. We both decided to take a break from eachother. He is going away for one month. I am a bit lost on what to do. I was too busy dealing with the rejection of the other guy to realize that I like this one way more than I expected. I am really wondering if I should move on with my life or see what happens after he gets back. I wouldn't mind having an actual relationship with him.
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