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  1. Yes we have been with each other for 9 years
  2. Hello I’ve been with this guy for eight or nine years we are high school sweethearts we had two beautiful kids they are especially in I just need help he tells me all the stuff in jail right now that he’s free he wants to be like a freeman know he has a whole family at home so I’m confused because why is he going out with his homey‘s and talking to girls and having girls put their phone numbers in and his phone or talking to him late at night like one or 2 o’clock in the morning even three come home at that time I’m just so confusing I feel depressed I don’t feel loved and he does buy me stuff but I’m like OK instead of buying me the stuff can we please go on a date or go do stuff I don’t know and he told me that he needs a break and he’s not ready to settle down yet he’s not ready to get married or anything he still want to have fun hang out with young boys and I just needed some advice how do I show him I don’t care anymore or have him worry about me I just want him to be home in to be able to do family stuff you know what I mean he just keeps saying my girlfriend gonna be mad at me if I give you a hug you’re not his type of seven I’m so tired of that he just brings me down and feel like he doesn’t love me he doesn’t hug me he doesn’t kiss me so I’m wondering like does he do that to other girls when he’s not home I feel like he’s with a girl I don’t know I just want to give my love awayIf this makes sense and he’s not from here he’s from a bigger city and he wants to live there and then come out here and then go back out there I think that’s just stupid and our kids especially there’s no need to be doing all that I don’t know I’m just tired I’m just tired of crying I don’t know what to do
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