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  1. I want to know how this went from give me your opinion to a PSA about meeting strangers and people making fun of the situation?
  2. Please tell me where the decent men are. I've been in relationships and dating for almost 20 years. Still haven't found even one.
  3. I didn't mean it like that. I meant he knows the people we have in common are my best friend and his childhood buddy so it would be pretty stupid of him to kill/physically hurt me. It would be possible and clearly didn't stop him from being a jerk in how he is acting now, but I didn't feel like my actual life was in danger.
  4. That's why I'm here because I needed perspective of people who don't know any of the the people and can just go off from the situation at hand and not my whole life history like my sister can/does. As far as meeting a stranger. I felt more at ease meeting him and letting him come to my house because our mutual Facebook friend is my best friend of 11 years husband and the two guys grew up together as kids. So if something happened where he assaulted me or killed me or something, my best friend would probably kill him and her husband wouldn't stop her. Plus, the friend who I said I'd go visit where he lives so we could meet there, I told her he was coming up and to text me to check in some and she did.
  5. No. I do not have a problem with alcohol. I can go months without drinking and wasn't drinking during this time. No. I do not normally have sex with someone I just met. It just happened. I was just going with whatever was going to happen because four years without sex is kinda a long time. (I'm almost 37 years old.) No I didn't think we were dating because he came here or because we had sex. But it would be nice to have him say something, because we were talking a lot before. So, why can't he or why isn't he saying something like, thanks for the sex, bye! Or stop texting me. Or you pissed me off because... Or I'll see you when you get back home. He could say anything and it would be better than nothing, that's why I'm confused and annoyed.
  6. I have been 100% single for a little over 4 years. Was lonely, but keeping myself busy. A little over a month ago I commented on a friends Facebook post and another friend of theirs commented as well. That turned into this friend messaging me. We were talking on and off for about a week. He says, call him. I do. So now we are calling and texting, having pretty steady conversation for about 2 weeks. He finds out I'm about to leave for 29 days visiting family on a road trip. So he brings up that we should meet in person before I go. He lives long distance, but not too far. I say, okay, I can go visit a friend of mine in the same town that he lives and we can meet up what was supposed to be this weekend. But when I mention the plan, he decides he's just going to drive to see me that day (last Sunday) So I'm going along with it. He gets to my house. He says, he brought some beers. I say, let me get you some food to go with it. He says, no. We are hanging out talking and it's fine. We end up having sex a handful of times, but he isn't finishing. I keep saying, hey, you need water, you need food. He refuses. Finally it's like, 6AM he goes to the kitchen and drinks water, comes back and even though I'm basically comatose tired he wants even more sex. So he finally finishes. Within 20 minutes he leaves because he has to drive back and go to work. He texts me later to say he made it home. Then after work, he texts me asking if he looked different than in his Facebook pictures. He had already asked this a couple times while he was here and I said no. So this time I asked, who has said this before, why do you keep asking me that? He never answered. Hours later I text him saying, the only thing weird to me was that you were drinking beer and thinking you could function on only beer. You wouldn't drink water or eat and I thought you'd pass out or something and I'd have to call the ambulance or whatever. He said I was way over thinking things. What he doesn't know and I didn't tell him was, my mom is an alcoholic and I've had to medically help her a few times so that's just what I was thinking was going to happen, because that's what I know. So the next morning I text him and say, it's a new day I'm changing the conversation. So a few hours later he replies, I'm so busy with work it's hard for me to reply sometimes. I said, that's fine. He hasn't said anything else and it's been a few days. I'm so confused because I thought we were fine until I brought up the beer thing. But, my sister is trying to tell me, well, he isn't talking to you because he wanted sex and got it so now he's phasing you out. I just want to know what I did. Do you have any ideas why he is obviously no longer interested in talking to me? Or, what I should say to him?
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